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Space…The Final Frontier (Space themed nursery)


Space themed nursery for our new son.

Design Inspiration

My husband and I are Sci Fi fans.  When I was searching the internet for  nursery theme ideas, I came across an adorable bedding set that had a retro rocket theme to it. While the set had been discontinued, the design itself sparked an idea. I thought it would be fun to design a nursery using a retro space theme using a lot of mid century modern space elements - the old style rocket ships with the huge fins at the bottom, flying saucers you would see in sci fi from the era, etc.. Before I came up with the space theme idea, I had originally thought of doing something fun with monkeys. I decided to combine the two ideas resulting in astronaut monkey mural on the back wall.

Project Details

Mobile - Could not find a mobile that I really liked for the space not to mention that the mobiles I saw were a bit on the pricy side so I decided to create one. Found the wood figures at Hobby Lobby and attached them to wooden emboidery hoops with yellow yarn. Wrapped the hoops in yellow ribbon, using hot glue to keep the ribbon in place. Found and purchased an inexpensive mobile on ebay that had a music box and mounting arm. Removed the mobile that came with it and attached my own. Used hot glue to add additional space themed figures to the music box to tie it in to the rest of the mobile.

Walls - Painted 3 walls in beautiful light blue color. The back wall was painted in a very dark blue color with purple undertone. Used that wall as a back drop for a space mural. Used planet decals purchased on ( and glow in the dark star and planet decals purchased on (  and  UFOs, Rocketship and monkey astronauts are hand painted.

Lamp - made rocketship lamp using a lamp we already had on hand. Recovered lampshade with retro rocket fabric. used same fabric on valance and toy box/bench.

Diaper pail - Purchased a simple, inexpensive diaper pail at Babies-R-Us. Decorated it usingCirco Blast-Off decals purchased from Target ( Scattered the remainder of the decals throughout the room.

Sun light fixture purchased at ikea.


Jillian Scotts

Friday 1st of February 2013

Wow, that's quite a space-themed wall! And I love that you painted the light to become the sun -- the center of the solar system. I bet the baby's imagine will soar to space and beyond!


Friday 15th of February 2013

Thank you so much! I really enjoyed putting this room together for my little one. Actually I found that light fixture at Ikea for $25, though I also love the idea of hand painting one!