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Reagan’s DIY Room


Once I found out I was having a girl, I started collecting all kinds of inspiration for creating a vintage, crafty room for her!  I had a list of projects a mile long - it was a good thing I had almost 5 months to finish it, it took every bit of it!  I started with a bird/owl/tree theme but it ended up being more of an eclectic mix.

Design Inspiration

I was inspired by many things I saw on Etsy and various craft blogs, as well as wanting to include several items I had saved and collected to create a vintage feel.  Several things in her room were saved from my own nursery - I think if something has a story behind it, it is so much more special.

Decorating Style

Eclectic, for sure - I don't like anything new!  Flea markets and estate sales are my go-to places for design - I love to find something grungy and fix it up to look amazing.  I am constantly "projecting", as my husband calls it!  I don't like a shabby chic look, I prefer more of a mid-century vintage look with some modern flair.

Project Details

The only items in her room that are new are the crib (from JC Penney) and the white storage tower (from Ikea).  Everything else was handmade or repurposed.  The changing table was a linen chest from Craigslist.  The tree bookshelf was inspired by this fabulous one on Etsy:  The bird mobile over the crib was made from this tutorial:  The wallpaper on the ceiling (one of my favorite things in the room!) is Dandelion Mobile by Miss Print and was purchased from this website:

Favorite Items

I love the wallpapered ceiling, I love the changing table, I love the bird mobile, and I love the barnwood mirror, but I think my favorite thing is the tree bookshelf - it is so special since it was made from wood cut on my grandad's farmland, and I hope it will be a cherished heirloom for Reagan in the years to come.

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  1. […] For the kids’ room, you should consider a tree bookshelf with low shelves so the kids can easily reach them. This one looks very cute actually and it’s made entirely of wood, without using decals or wall paint.{found on projectnursery}. […]

  2. avatar Angela says:

    I love the eclectic style of it all. I especially love that mirror ♥ Getting our spare room ready for a baby/child that we will be fostering and I am inspired by this nursery ♥♥♥

  3. […] Fonte: […]

  4. avatar Chelsea says:

    Hi love you’re nursery! It’s wonderful! I was wondering if you had any tips for wallpapering the ceiling! Thanks!

  5. avatar taniou says:

    very beautiful!!!!

  6. avatar Christen says:

    Did you make the tree shelf? I am in love with it! Do you mind telling me how you did it?
    Thank you!!!

  7. avatar Lisa Rawls says:

    I made the curtains, the fabric was from Hancock.

  8. avatar Lisa Rawls says:

    I’m so sorry Lauren, I am just now seeing this…if you still care, the paint is Behr, 480C-3 Aqua Bay from Home Depot. Thank you!

  9. avatar Lisa Rawls says:

    I am so sorry I didn’t respond to these comments, I didn’t know they were here! The paint color is Behr 480C-3 Aqua Bay (Home Depot).

  10. avatar Sara E. says:

    I love this room. What color is the paint on the walls?

  11. avatar Britt says:

    I LOVE this and am using it for inspiration! Can you tell me the color of the walls? Also, where is the fabric from on the rocker and does it have a name?

    AWESOME job on this nursery! You should go into decorating!

  12. avatar Chayah says:

    Hey, Y’all…
    FYI – I am about to paint my daughter’s nursery a similar color…. We came up with Benjamin Moore Green Feather as the closest match (it’s perhaps slightly darker). Also, my husband and I built THE SAME mobiles for our wedding decor (we are going to hang one over her changing table, actually). The easiest way to attach the birds to the mobile is hot glue. If you want to get really crafty, you can cover that by wrapping the branch in some natural fiber yarn/string at the base of the feet.

  13. avatar brittanyntaylor says:

    Love the nursery, really want to know what color/brand of paint you used on the walls! Please share!!!

  14. avatar Melissa says:

    Love your nursery! Can you tell me a little about how you made the mobile…the twig part. I saw the pattern for making the birds, I’m just a little lost on how to put it all together. Also, do you know the wall color? I love everything about this nursery!

  15. avatar Deonna Wade says:

    I love those yellow chevron curtains! Did you make those or buy them somewhere?

  16. avatar JeanM1211 says:

    I love this eclectic nursery!!!! Its so warm and inviting! I’m doing a similar color palette in my baby’s nursery as well! I love the combo. We did white with the grey chevron print :) I love the tree book shelf and barnwood mirror!! so so nice. Beautiful job!!!

  17. avatar Jaime says:

    omg love the rocking chair. so jealous!

  18. avatar Melissa M says:

    Is that picture on the wall of the owl a anthropologie towel mounted on canvas? If so, how did you do that? I love the room- so creative and fun!

  19. I love everything about this room. Its so whimsical, gorgeous and just plain fun! you should add “decorator” to your list of loves because you’re great at it :)

  20. avatar Paola says:

    AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!!! Hello! You are a fantastic designer!!!! I´m trying to go for a look like this, but It´s kind of hard to find so different and eclectic thing in my country! Mostly, baby stuff they all look the same: pastry kind of colours!!!! I wish you could help with ideas for our baby girl´s room!!!!!

  21. avatar ebrems says:

    Hi. Fabulous nursery! I would also love to know what the paint color is…thank you.

  22. I love the wallpapered ceiling. A bold move with beautiful results! Great paint color as well.

  23. avatar MrsCooper says:

    Hi There! LOVE the paint color. Can you let me know the brand & name of the color? That would be fabulous, thank you!!

  24. avatar Juliette Genteman says:

    This is the loveliest nursery I have EVER seen. I covet it! You did SUCH a beautiful job! So many sweet, meaningful little touches, kudos on a magnificent job!

  25. avatar hawahawa says:

    Your DIY wreath is cute. And all those charming items you placed on the wall. They all look so pretty and whimsical!

  26. avatar karen lipford says:

    good luck voting for you to win! love you!

  27. avatar DLP says:

    So beautiful, really love it all..
    Love the bookshelf.
    Nice work.

  28. avatar Lauren says:

    I love this nursery! Could you tell me the paint color you used on the walls?


  29. avatar mely.madden says:

    beautiful :)

  30. avatar rawlslisa says:


    I know! The Holly Hobbie was done by my grandma for my mother in 1977, it was embroidered on the back of a chambray shirt!

  31. avatar rawlslisa says:


    Thank you! Hope to see your nursery on here soon! Congrats on your little girl – they are the best!!!!

  32. avatar Cjko says:

    Love the room! You sound like my twin! We have the same interest and nature/birds are my nursery theme too but with red and teal instead of normal nature colors. Congrats on such a neat room. I still have lots of projects to finish before my little girl gets here.

  33. avatar rawlslisa says:


    The fabric was from Hancock Fabrics. Thank you!

  34. avatar Neha says:

    this is a lovely room. I definitely love the thrill of finding things at flea markets and I can tell you have had a blast because it reflects it in the room. I really love the yellow zigzag fabric. Can you share where you got that?


  35. avatar Hollyjwsmall says:

    Lol you’ve even got Holly Hobbie. Love it!

  36. avatar Hollyjwsmall says:

    This one is probably my first favorite since Aria’s nursery. I love the colors. You really have a good eye for this. I really wanted the tree bookshelf from Etsy as well but it’s so expensive. Great DIY job!

  37. avatar Holly says:

    Ooh! It’s got a funky feel to it. I love it!!