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Rainbow DIY Birthday Party


I had a rainbow/"all the colors" ( as my daughter says)/art party for her 3rd birthday. We had a party at home with our family where we had a slip n slide and ate supper and had cake. 

Design Inspiration

My daughter loves color and kept talking about a rainbow birthday cake. I am an artist so I was sold on the idea that everything was built around color!

Decorating Style

For parties, I am into homemade and over the top. I like the process of getting ready for a party. Thinking of ideas is just as fun as the execution!

Project Details

I made most of everything. The table was lined with white craft paper so that we could color during supper. I spray painted small trophies I found at Hobby Lobby and filled them with crayons. The circles I cut out from cardstock and lined the table in rainbow colors. The placemats were glittery foamboard I purchased at Joann's.  The cake I made and used colored chocolate candies to create the "C" for my daughter. However, several thought it was a rainbow shape not a C. But it would certainly work for either! The toy animals I painted with acrylic paint. The chandelier was decorated by me and my daughter. We used Martha Stewart paint chips, glued them together and hung them from the chandelier. We stuck the paintbrushes in for fun. The doorways, wish I had a better photo, were grosgrain ribbon with felt circles glued to them. I think I will reuse for my Christmas tree. 

Favorite Items

I love the cake. And the table. The cake because it turned out so well and my daughter and I made it together. The table because it was so colorful and pretty.


I tried to use what I had or things that seemed practical and inexpensive and that I could use again.

Shai Virtuso

Thursday 2nd of August 2012

Colorful, fun, exciting and funky! I am sure the guests and the birthday girl had a blast!