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R.J.’s Gray, White, and Red Closet Nursery


With a teenager and a light-sleeping toddler taking up the other bedrooms, we had to find a creative solution for our brand-new addition. Luckily, we have two closets in our master bedroom. It took some work to figure out how to shoehorn a nursery from this small space, but it's working beautifully.

Design Inspiration

We'd seen other closet nurseries online but most were of the giant, walk-in variety. Our closet was super small. Thank goodness for the Bloom Alma Mini crib! We also made sure the nursery would coordinate with our room. One wall in our bedroom is painted with larger gray and white stripes.

Decorating Style


Project Details

Crib: Bloom Alma Mini

I made the sheets myself to match the color scheme. We added the adjustable shelving and replaced the closet light with a pendant. We also removed the closet door and added some breathable curtains.


Favorite Items

The shelving is surprisingly efficient at handling all the baby gear.


Finding space for all the items that were previously in the closet was a bit difficult. We outfitted an armoire with a dowel rod for the clothes and used some Ikea Trones shoe cabinets, painted and topped with wood, to hold shoes. We're living quite comfortably for now. Hopefully R.J. doesn't grow too fast!