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Quinn’s Nursery… and Mommy’s Workspace


My husband and I found out we were expecting just a little sooner than WE expected! We are currently still living in a 2 bedroom apartment, but didn't want to move in the middle of our pregnancy. So, we decided to make the best of our current office space that occupied our 2nd room and transform it into a nursery... leaving just the office essentials to get us by! 

Design Inspiration

We wanted the room to feel like it was completely dedicated to our son, but we also needed to keep some aspects of our current office space in tact until we have a bigger home. So, we worked with what we had and re-purposed several items in the small space. We kept our narrow desk, storage cubby-shelving, and file cabinet, but made it work WITH the space, not against it. We installed wall drawers to keep office supplies out of reach, used nesting ottomans that fit underneath the desk rather than a bulky desk chair, and turned the cubby-shelving unit into a dresser/toy box/bookshelf for our son. We added a white crib and neutral glider to keep with the rooms finishes and added soft touches like a burlap ottoman, yellow chevron area rug, tree decal and blackout curtains. 

Decorating Style

Versatile: is how I would describe the decorating style for this space. We wanted it to feel like a nursery, but the room actually serves two purposes without being obvious. The room is neutral, soft and relaxing without being too "themed" (like you can sometimes find in nurseries) or too rigid (as you often find in office spaces). 

Project Details

We did keep some of our "office" items but re-purposed them. The existing items we kept were:


{the desk} IKEA- Micke Desk

{the file cabinet} IKEA- no longer available

{the (2) wall shelves} IKEA- Ekby Alex

{standing shelving unit} IKEA- Expedit with (2) sets of inserts

{(2) white leather ottomans} Overstock- Andalucia

{set of wall hooks- used as curtain-stays} Urban Outfitters- Branch Hook in White


Then, we added essential items to limit the office "feel":


{blackout curtains} Overstock- Thermal Blackout Shades in Beige

{curtain rod} Amazon- Levolor in Burnished Brass

{small desk lamp} Target- Room Essentials

{crib/changer combo} Graco- Lauren

{glider} Little Castle-Villa Pillow Back in Sand

{burlap pouf} Etsy-Lovintage Finds Burlap Ottoman in Natural


For a pop of color, we included:


{brass floor lamp} Urban Outfitters- Stella Floor Lamp in Brass

{yellow chevron area rug} Urban Outfitters- (3x5) Zig Zag Rug in Yellow

{birch tree wall decal} Etsy- A Baby Wall (white with mint birds)

{deer accent pillow} Etsy- Regans Brain Pillow in Mustard

{S needlework} re-framed and matted an old family heirloom

{mint green throw} handmade item from my mom

{yellow side table} not shown in picture 


We did have some negative corner space between the crib and the shelving unit, so we use it to store our pack n play and diaper genie. We also put up a small hooked shelf to hang diaper bags, nursery cover and it serves as a great place for our monitor too.


{hook shelf} Target- Room Essentials


Other Items:


{white spot lights} IKEA- Beryll (3)

{white standing frames} Pier One- Frame with Linen Mat (3),default,pd.html

{artwork} Etsy- Enrouge

{milk can} IKEA- Sockerart Vase 8"

{small white frames} IKEA- Virserum Frame (6)

{calendar} CB2- 365 Calander

{hanging candleholders} CB2- Whirly Hanging Candleholder (5)

{paint for walls} Behr- Dolphin Fin

Favorite Items

My favorite items in the room are the ones that were made for our little boy, Quinn, with love. My aunt passed down an old needlework "S" for Smetona (our last name) and we re-framed and matted it. My friend made a yarn "Q" decal we hang above our shelf and my mom knitted us the mint-green throw for the glider. I think they all work perfectly in the room, and the room was truly designed with these small details in mind.


Work with what you have. If you are on a budget or need to re-purpose a room, its amazing how many new uses you can find for a particular item and how you can make them work FOR you. If you have a small space, think about the items you really need first, and then work from there... keeping scale and frequency of use in mind. For a gender-neutral room, try not to go overboard with a "theme" right away. Let your child tell you what he/she likes. We hope that we picked items that will transition well with whatever interests our little boy develops as he grows! Finally, let favorite items you've received be your inspiration for the room. The room will always be unique; especially if they are handmade with love.

Jillian Scotts

Thursday 1st of November 2012

So elegant and classy! I love how you incorporated the office and nursery together. Absolutely love the furnishing and the lovely accents and decorative items, too.

Andrea Smetona

Wednesday 5th of September 2012

Thank you Pam! The color on the walls is Behr: Dolphin Fin.


Wednesday 5th of September 2012

I really like how you elegantly blended the nursery and mom's workspace. What was the color you used on the walls?