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Quinn’s Stokke Sleepi Inspired Nursery


I usually stick to a theme, but this time (the 4th nursery I've designed for my own kids), I decided to add any and all colors that caught my eye and pieces that I gravitated towards. There's a hint of a theme in the sun, clouds and rain pieces - "you are my sunshine", but it's mostly reminiscent of favorites, including all of my favorite children's books, favorite art that my older children made for me and the baby and my favorite colors.

Design Inspiration

The Stokke Sleepi in gray was my ultimate inspiration. I had been dreaming of owning this crib since my second son in 2007 and when I finally decided to get it, there was only one gray Sleepi left (as it had been discontinued). Once I owned it, it sparked the inspiration for the whole room, from the paint color to the accent colors and key pieces - from furniture to accents.

Decorating Style

Eclectic and DIY for this nursery, but I typically lean towards Craftsman.

Project Details

Crib - Stokke
Crib Bedding- Stokke
Glider- Monte Designs Vola
Bunny in Glider- Bla Bla Kids
Vintage Children's Books on Side Table- Thrift Stores
Twill Black/White Chevron Rug- Mohawk Home
rockaRoo- 4moms
Pouf- Threshold for Target
MALM Dresser- IKEA
Faux Sheepskin Rug- IKEA
Throw Blanket- IKEA
Mobile- DIY (made from driftwood, sewn rain drops from white felt and hanging from fishing wire)
Clouds- DIY (made from vinyl wall decals cut in the shape of clouds)
Book Ledges- Target
Books- Collection of Children's Books
Dream Big Sign- Evie Ivy
Free High Fives Wood Sign- Salty Bison on Etsy
Mirror- Pottery Barn Kids
Panels- Pottery Barn Kids
Stormy Monday Wall Color- Benjamin Moore
Duck and Snail Push Toys- Manny and Simon
Diaper Pail- Ubbi
Side Table, Vase, Picture Frames, Fake Grass, Burlap Baskets, Lumbar Pillow, Fake Green Apple, Mini Globe- HomeGoods
Stuffed Taxidermy Bunny- Missfit Minagerie on Etsy
Le Nid Wooden Print- (old) Pottery Barn Kids
Wooden "Q"- Pottery Barn Kids
Giraffe Print- Brickyard Buffalo
Chalkboard clipboard- DIY project
Teddy Bear on Book Ledge- My bear from when I was a baby
Quinn Sign- Gift from The Guncles, Scout Masterson and Bill Horn
Video Monitor- Summer Infant
Blanket next to Glider- Little Giraffe

Favorite Items

Just one? How about two- The Stokke Sleepi and the DIY rain drop mobile that I made.


Piece together your favorite items, make it a place you and your baby will love to be in together.


Wednesday 5th of November 2014

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Thursday 5th of June 2014

Custom Stokke bedding, with over 600 fabrics to choose from....LUBLINI