Quinn’s Gray and Pink Whimsical Nursery

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  • IKEA Bookcases Turned into Reading Nook
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  • Gold Moroccan Pouf in this Whimsical Nursery
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  • Pink and Gray Whimsical Nursery
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A pink and gray whimsical nursery designed just for our baby girl.


Design Inspiration

Last fall, when I was 12-13 weeks pregnant, my husband and I traveled to Europe for our 4th wedding anniversary.  While abroad we kept on seeing stars on baby clothes, blankets and decor and decided we wanted to incorporate that same "theme" into our baby's room. After finding out it was a girl, I found a fabric with pink stars and gold dots and it became the jumping off point for the room.

Decorating Style

Most of our house is decorated in blues, grays and other cool tones. When it came to decorating our baby girl's room I wanted it to have a unique feel from the rest of our house and have it be a special space for her yet still flow and feel like a natural part of our home.

Project Details

The room is a mix of DIY projects, budget finds, splurge items and generous gifts from grandparents.

Besides, the fabric, one of the first things I found was the vintage dresser. It was originally an awful yellow/tan color, but after painting everything but the drawer fronts white and polishing up the brass hardware the dresser had new life.

The art in the room we purchased while in Europe. Since we didn't know the gender then, we just picked items we liked and would hopefully inspire our baby to share our love of travel someday. One piece of art we didn't get in Europe was the framed white dress. This belonged to my grandmother and hung in my nursery when I was a little girl. For Christmas, my mom had it re-framed to match nursery and give it a fresh look. It's such a special piece and I wanted it to be one of the first things you see when you enter the room.

When we were painting the room I decided it would be fun to add a pop of color to the closet and painted it a light pink. Perfect for a closet filled with dresses and girly things.

Pink Seat Cushion and Gold Polka Dot Pillow: DIY Projects

White Bookshelf in Closet: Habitat ReStore (jazzed up with some gold paint)

Bow Holder: DIY Project

Bookshelf and Bench Details: The bookshelf on the wall are the large Ikea Ribba ledges.  The bench is two of the Ikea 1x2 Expedit series. These have since been discontinued.  One shelf is upright and the other is turned to on its side. I then had a piece of wood cut to the size of the top and covered it with batting and fabric to make a cushion.

Favorite Items

Everyday this changes. I love that it's a project that came together over time and was created with so much love.  The unsuspecting pink closet, gold accents, artwork and vintage dresser are some of the items I love the most.


Don't feel limited to items "for baby" or from baby stores. I picked items like the West Elm lamp and the gold moroccan pouf that I would love in any room of our house and I can easily see these items staying in our home for a long time (even if they aren't always in her room).


  1. 1

    Kim! BEAUTIFUL!! Little Miss Quinn is going to love her precious room. Thanks for linking Hattan Home’s gold pouf. Oink!

  2. 3

    How do you make the ikea shelves? Did you use a 2×2 bookshelf and hack it? I can’t figure it out. :) Love the pop of pink!

  3. 4
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  5. 7

    I’m in the same boat as Cassie and Holly! I looked at IKEA and could not figure out how you did the 2×2 bookshelf/bench. Could you elaborate on that?

  6. 8

    I would really really love to know where you got the bookshelf/bench because this is exactly what I want to do in my back foyer.

  7. 9

    @rachel @wendy @disqus_FmoIEeiJnK:disqus @holly — Look up the Ribba picture ledge on Ikea’s website for the wall book shelves. Not sure if this is what she used but the closest i could find. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20126065/

    With a little research, I think the 1×2 bench/cubby thing is no longer available. There are multiple “pins” with Ikea Expedit products like the ones shown in the picture, however, they no longer make “expedit”, they have revised that line and it is now called Kallax (that is supposed to be more child friendly with rounded corners and more scratch resistant), however, they didn’t carry all of the expedit products over to the new line so i’m guessing this 1×2 bench got lost in that transition which is a real bummer.
    here is Ikea’s statement: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/about_ikea/newsitem/022114_expedit_kallax

  8. 10
  9. 12

    Kelsi- You are pretty much right on. I used the longest ribba picture ledge.

    As far as the cubbies, it was two of the 1×2 shelves. We just turned one on its side and made a cushion for the long side

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