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Quinn’s Airy Floral Nursery


The corner room in our house get the best light in the whole house. As a photographer, I wanted this room to feel really light and airy. I knew I would be spending a lot of time in here based on how often we were in our first daughter's nursery when she was little. I also wanted to make it inviting for our 2 1/2 year old daughter to want to spend time in. My husband and I made a lace teepee for her to read and play in but also kept lots of open space for her as well. My husband also made the headband holder because I couldn't find anything I loved. We added in the baby blocks my friends and family made at Quinn's baby shower. We reused the crib and the glider we made for our first daughter's nursery. We put a glider attachment we found on Amazon on an Ikea chair and made our own glider. I wanted a soft watercolor look for an accent wall. Our amazingly talented friend, Marigolde, painted the florals on the wall. I added a few more silk florals here and there to tie the room together.

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  1. avatar Olivia says:

    Where are the patterned stacking blocks from?

  2. avatar Cynthia says:

    How did you make the teepee? It’s beautiful

  3. avatar Samantha says:

    Thank you, Louise!!

  4. avatar Louise says:

    For the bow holder, my husband cut off the top of a 1 1/2 inch screw, screwed it halfway into the 2×2 then screwed the other half into the wall. Hope that helps!

  5. avatar Samantha says:

    Hi, hope all is well! My husband and I are trying to recreate the bow holder. We have the 2×2 and dowels but having trouble getting the 2×2 mounted flushly. How did you get the wood to sit flush on the wall? We’ve tried a nail gun. We are mounting on the inside of the closet door. Thanks in advance for your help!

  6. avatar Kylie Giarrusso says:

    Are the shelves from Ikea? Do you know the name of them if I were to search the website?

  7. avatar Emily says:

    Where did you get the beautiful floral blocks from?

  8. avatar Katie T says:

    Hi, how did your friends make the baby blocks?

  9. avatar Justine says:

    Where is the floral wallpaper from?

  10. avatar Marissa says:

    I love the bow holder! How is the 2×2 mounted to the wall flush?

  11. avatar Louise says:

    Jillian, side table is from Homegoods

  12. avatar Jillian says:

    This is the inspiration for my daughters nursery! I love it so much! Where is the side table next to the glider from?

  13. avatar Danielle says:

    Where is the floral wallpaper from?

  14. avatar Louise says:

    Hi Jilliane

    The crib is Sorelle Tuscany 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changer in White from Buy Buy Baby.

    The dresser is Hemnes 3 drawer chest from Ikea.

  15. avatar Jilliane Brandau says:

    Hi Louise! Could you please tell me what is the brand/model crib you have? As well as the dresser?
    Thank you so much,

  16. avatar Louise says:

    Thanks Aly! Glass and gold containers are from Home Goods

  17. avatar Aly says:

    Gorgeous nursery!! Where did you find the gold/glass container that you have on top of the dresser?

  18. avatar Louise says:

    Gold wire basket is from Home Goods

  19. avatar lindsay says:

    Where is the gold wire basket from?

  20. avatar Brittany says:

    Thank you! :)

  21. avatar Louise says:

    My husband made the bow holder. Really simple with a 1 inch dowel and a small piece of a 2×2

  22. avatar Brittany says:

    Where is the little bow holder from under the shelves. Such a cute idea.

  23. avatar Louise says:

    Honeycomb shelves are from Target

  24. avatar Tiffany says:

    where are the honeycomb shaped shelves from?

  25. avatar Louise says:

    My husband and I made the lace teepee. It was pretty easy, just a little time consuming.

  26. avatar Andreia says:

    Where was the white lace floral teepee purchased from?

  27. avatar Louise says:

    The whole room is painted Behr – Polar Bear
    For the florals we used:

    Cappuccino Froth
    Cameo Stone
    Island Hopping
    Urban Nature
    Seed Pearl

    All from Bher. We thinned out the paint for the florals using a glaze and some water to give it a more watercolor look. The gold is from a metallic gold spray can that we sprayed into a bowl and brushed on with a thin paint brush.

  28. avatar Louise says:

    The accent flowers are from Michaels. The brackets for the shelves are from ikea.

  29. avatar Leslie says:

    What are your paint colors?

  30. avatar Amber says:

    Where are the accent flowers on the shelves from? Did they make the brackets for the shelves or buy them somewhere?

  31. avatar Louise says:

    She used regular wall paint but added a little bit of water and a little bit of paint glaze to thin it out and give it a more watercolor look. The gold is metallic spray paint that she spayed into a bowl and brushed on with a brush.

  32. avatar Ellie says:

    Please tell me what type of paint your friend used for the water color floral wall!??!?!