Quinnie’s Mouseka-Tea Birthday Party

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  • Mouseka-Tea Birthday Party
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Our daughter, Quinn, loves Minnie Mouse and so when it came time to plan her second birthday we knew Minnie had to be part of it. After deciding on a Sunday afternoon party with just a few of her closest girlfriends, an "afternoon tea" or Minnie Mouseka-Tea came to life.

The guests, which included 6 of Quinn's little girlfriends, all arrived in party dresses. We kept to the tea party theme with giving them each a strand of "pearls" to wear and special tea cups (with lids and straws!) to sip lemonade from. Each girl also had a pair of Minnie Mouse ears that was customized with a gold glitter monogram at their place setting. Of course the birthday girl refused to wear hers but the other girls loved them.

We served mouse shaped pimento cheese and cream and jam sandwiches and fruit with yogurt dipping sauce (served in mini tea cups) for an afternoon snack.

The desserts were the star of the show. We served strawberry cupcakes from our favorite bakery, Sugar and had custom tea cup mouseka-tea sugar cookies made at another local favorite, Bakies.

After the snacks and drinks the girls played in the backyard with beach balls and Quinn's new playhouse and slide, and even colored custom coloring sheets.

It was such a fun fancy afternoon and we can't wait to have another tea party soon.


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    Oh, it is so interesting to delve into the experience of Birthday celebration of your daughter because it is so touching and it fills me up with special emotions. It is so cool that you approached the preparation of this holiday with such seriousness and responsibility, implementing everything in such a magnificent way. It is so important when your parents pay such a huge attention to your birthday and try to satisfy all your desires. It seems to me that this birthday was truly miraculous and I really like this idea of Minnie Mouseka-Tea because it is so original and I think that it can’t leave any girl indifferent. It is really wonderful that everyone was satisfied with this ceremony and that you have such impressions after it.

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