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Quentin’s Nursery


I based this room off of the elephant crib set I picked out at Target. I created an elephant stencil and painted the brown and green elephants on a white border between brown and green paint colors. The room originally had carpet and my husband and I put down a SwiftLock wood laminate floor. We added a rug from Lowes to complete. I also did some drawings of animals to put on his walls.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration came from the elephant crib bedding we picked out at Target.

Favorite Items

My favorite items in the room are the elephant border that I painted on and the flooring and rug.

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  1. avatar karamo81 says:

    I like the rug too!  :-)  The entire room is so clean and lovely!  Not too busy either, which I really like!  How did you create your elephant stencil? 

  2. avatar hawahawa says:

    What do you mean?  I think the rug is lovely!

  3. avatar Ysczabel says:

    Ditto on the colors!  Best color scheme I’ve seen.

    But I honestly cannot take the rug.  Sorry.

  4. avatar CreativeCrumbs says:

    I love the relaxing and cool colors you used here.  And I love that wall with the framed animal drawings (that’s an elephant, a giraffe and a zebra?).  That touch was really great :) It makes me wish that I could draw as well as you.