Purple Transitional Nursery

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When I was pregnant with my daughter I wanted to create a nursery for her that she would be able to transition into easily. It was also really special because that was the first room painted in our new home.

Design Inspiration

http://projectnursery.com/projects/abc-and-as-easy-as-123/ my inspiration came from the nursery link above found here at Project Nursery!

Project Details

For paints I also used Behr. Shelving was from Home Depot. Crib is from Baby Appleseed "Davenport collection. http://www.babyappleseed.com/

Favorite Items

I would say that my favorite item would be the soccer ball in glass box that her father purchased. We are both fans of soccer and the mini-ball has the FIFA 2010 World Cup logo which is the year she was born :)


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    Absolutely modern and stylish room. I just love what you did with your wall. So you really used a projector for this? Cool. I didn’t have the slightest idea how you achieved this until I clicked on the link you provided and read about it.

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    Absolutely love this!! My almost 9 year old daughter will be getting her new room this spring. The color is purple. Thank you for the inspiration!!!

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    This room is beyond beautiful! Probably the best nursery I’ve seen by far. I did read about how you did the mural on the wall but still am a little confused on how exactly it was done. Would you be able to email me on the steps that were taken on how you did it? And, where did you purchase the hanging sign “brush your teeth,.. etc” I would love to get something like that for my girls room. My email is [email protected]

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    I love this room, I hope you win. I too am confused on how you did this. I can see your daughters name on the wall, but are the other letters just random? If you can also mail be the steps and tell me the if the other letters are just random, or that you included her whole name, I’d love to have it. Please contact me at [email protected]

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    Thanks Ladies!! I have been contacted a lot in regards to step by step procedures and I am in the process of writing very descriptive instructions to share. Her first name is used right above the crib and those are the only letters in which the dark purple was used. The rest of the letters were random and wanted to use ones that had more character to their shapes. But of course you can incorporate letters that have meaning as well. Tyra, I purchased the sign at Ross :) Check out my page http://www.facebook.com/RosArt.Creations in which I make a lot of made to order items…I am sure that could be one of them :)

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    This is such a great room! I love how it looks so high style with the crib and the letters but it is also really functional and personal. The flowers around the soccer ball are the perfect little girly touch that keeps with the purple theme in the room. I love it!

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    I absolutely love your wall. It is a perfect inspiration. If you don’t mind sharing how you did the lettering on the walls. I would love to attempt to do the same. Did you use a mural or stencils or??? [email protected]

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    I love you design, I saw it on baby appleseeds facebook page. I too would like the step by step instructions on how you did the lettering.

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    I absolutely love the wall but if you could email me instructions on how you did it would be great. Thank you, great job

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    I don’t think this poster checks here any longer. I asked for instructions last October and never received any so I am assuming she is no longer on this site.
    What a shame!

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    Can you please tell me what you used for crib bedding and where you got it? Also do you know the names of the paint colors you used?

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    Love this room! Would you please share the name of the colors you chose in the Behr paint for this nursery.

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