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Prudent Baby


Little Scarlet Jane has a talented mom full of DIY know-how and prudent advice. Lucky for us, her mom Jaime is documenting it all and sharing her talents and wisdom for all the blogosphere to enjoy. Partnering with fellow creative mom and friend Jacinda, these two busy ladies can be found at Prudent Baby sharing do-it-yourself crafts and tips for small-fries. Scarlet Jane’s nursery is packed with great design ideas and step-by-step instructions. We hope you enjoy it’s contemporary, eclectic feel as much as we do!

Design Inspiration

Scarlet is girly without being frilly, so when we moved into this house a few months ago I took the opportunity to create a room that matched her personality!

Decorating Style

Modern, laid back, functional and a little bohemian.

Project Details

-The crib and changing table are from WalMart – they’re inexpensive, yet modern and of good quality.
-The bookshelf is the oeuf mini-library and the bins I picked up on sale at Michael’s
-I made the pennant and pom-pom curtains, an easy and cheap DIY.
-I even made the cornices using this amazing cornice kit I found here.
-I also made the crib sheet, a simple DIY.
-The rocker is the nursery works sleepytime.
-The frame and easel are both from ikea dressed up with spray paint. More DIY details are here and here.
- The zebra rug was from target.
- And Rody the adorable inflatable horse is from Plastica Shop.

Favorite Items

My favorite thing about the room is the way it smells like her when i walk in. But I’m proud of the homemade curtains and their dramatic height, and I also really appreciate the black out cellular blinds that are underneath. Since I ordered those naptime has been a breeze. I also love the easel because she has so much fun scribbling on it, and I think the moroccan poof is adorable even though she uses it more as a drum.


I’m the author of the blog and upcoming book Prudent Advice For My Daughter and I’d love to hear their thoughts an inspirations!

clever tomato

Saturday 23rd of January 2010

this room shouts fun with great character.  the eye moves around the room.  so many wonderful elements; from the mirror to the rug. 

clever tomato


Saturday 9th of January 2010

Crosejohnson says:

December 17, 2009 at 12:21 pm 

What is the name of the yellow paint that was used on the wall?


Saturday 9th of January 2010

Nicolle Zeck says:

December 10, 2009 at 6:12 am

Great article and it is worth mentioning that Mini blinds are notorious for collecting dust. Their horizontal position creates a flat surface for dust to land on. In addition, they


Saturday 9th of January 2010

phillipsfam says:

November 6, 2009 at 2:06 pm

Very unique and smart! Looks lived in and comfortable. Very happy! I love how it just looks so much like “home”!!


Saturday 9th of January 2010

ladygrammyjane says:

October 13, 2009 at 4:26 am

What an adorable room…baby girl sophisticated! I am going to have to check out your DIY and blog! I love DIY and my new Gran-babe has a DIY room too…love cost practical!