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Project Sterling


I wanted the nursery to be bright and cheery without going so cliche baby. It's a mix of reworked pieces we already had (it's amazing what a coat of paint and a new fabric can do) and 9 months to let my ideas come together and finding the perfect additions! 

Design Inspiration

We recently took a trip to Africa and one of our favorite animals was the elephant. I found a fabric I loved with elephants on it and everything just sprung from there. It was a fun source of inspiration! I recylcled alot of things from around the apartment and had them recovered (except the old red couch... I knew I could make it work by hiding the holes with a doll and throw... I know it will be destroyed eventually anyway! I found a fun way to accessorize was with sterling pieces that were passed down (our daughter's name is Sterling)! I also love old family photographs  so I knew I wanted to incorporate old photos of all the ladies in the family. The theme carries through the nursery with old vintage Vogue prints I had. 

Decorating Style

Eclectic, always with a pop of color... a mish mash of things from the past and things I scoped out! I really think I found the end of Etsy! 

Project Details

Paper mache elephant bust (

Elephant's tie ( 

Large wood carved "S" (

Crib bedding (made by friend)

Matching ottoman cover (made by friend)

Dresser ( custom painted in sour apple

Bookshelf (Painted with leftover wall paint and lined with Lilly Pulitzer wrapping paper)

Rug (summer trellis,

Cardboard lazer cutout chandelier (

Elephant decals (

Chevron pillows (

Rooster pillow (

Elephant pillows (made by friend) urban circus pattern

"S" Pillow (

Personalized announcement pillow (gift)

"S" moses basket (

Paper pompoms (Lilly Pulitzer,

Black and white prints (my own)

Green wall stripe decals (

Green stripe lampshade (custom made as gift)

White lampshade with ruffle trim (hot glued) lamp base (

Chevron changing pad cover (

White lamp with pink and white strip trim (

Crib (Skylar,

Elehpant crib pillow (

Pink wall color (full bloom, Benjamin Moore)

"I never want to see you sad girl" poster (



Favorite Items

The elephant bust. I thought the best way to make it pop against the white wall would be to "accessorize" it with a hat and tie! 


Pick something you love (like the elephant or color green) and just run with it! That way you stay focused and makes the process fun! Don't be afraid to use things you already have... it breathes new life into them and a great way to accessorize!

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  1. Can you tell me where the pink pillow with the baby info came from?

  2. avatar Rosebud217 says:

    What a clever, very happy room  Wonderful

  3. avatar Kmtn says:

    This room for Sterling is THE Best, no question!!!

  4. avatar mondoma says:

    I love the color-combo, the elephants, the stripes, and Sterling’s name!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

  5. avatar Lauri Barrett says:

    Little Sterling better watch out because I am coming to have some sleepovers in that cozy room!!!!

  6. avatar Crystal says:

    What a beautiful room for a little girl! Very sweet and elegant. It matches this little elephant perfectly!

  7. avatar Shai Virtuso says:

    Beautiful room with a salon feel. Love how you played with prints and patterns. And oh, that cardboard chandelier is just so creative!

  8. avatar Leila says:

    Beautiful and perfectly put together for your little girl! I love how you are able to mix all the colors and patterns together and it still works! I get nervous to be this bold sometimes, and clearly I shouldn’t be- it looks GREAT! Nice work Mama! Now lets just hope that Sterling gets your fabulous taste too!

  9. I love pattern so I certainly like this room. What a happy space!

  10. avatar Great Aunt Bessie says:

    Wowwwwweeeee! What nice treat for Miss S! This is beautiful. You must have had THE BEST time doing this. I can’t wait to show my friends. Xxx to you and Robby

  11. avatar Rob Mt says:

    What a happy room for a very happy Sterling. Theis room just gives off lots of love and you can feel the positive vibrations. Well done to the parents and particularly to the Mother. Sterling, I’m sure, must have a smile on her face almost all the time and so many things to amuse her. Well done Ms. Brooke.

  12. avatar Mrs.Echon says:

    Lovin’ the prints! Keeps the room alive! This is one of my fave.color palette as well. And why is chevron so…what’s the word? I’d say delicious! You just gotta have it! I couldn’t help myself but add in chevron prints in my baby’s room…and the theme was shabby chic. Haha…now,it’s just whatever goes! Anyways,I’d love to sit in this room and just admire it. I’m sure this is your in the house now :) Lovely!