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Princess Priscilla’s Royal Tea Birthday Party


I knew my daughter's first birthday would be my only opportunity to pick the theme, so I went all out with a (mostly) DIY vintage style royal tea party! We stuck with a pink, white and gold color scheme and tea party theme with princess accents. A royal celebration for our little princess's first birthday!

Design Inspiration

I actually found a china teacup at a thrift shop and was totally inspired to create a soft, feminine, whimsical party that was fit for both adults and their children. The whole party fell into place around that single teacup!

Decorating Style

I'm typically a little more modern/eclectic, but I just couldn't resist the femininity of a princess tea party!

Project Details

We hosted the party in our neighborhood's clubhouse which had large picture's all over the walls. I bought pale pink and gold and white polka dotted wrapping paper to cover the pictures for a perfectly matched canvas to start decorating. My main table was the focal point of the party and featured a banner of my daughter's photos birth to 1 year, a candy buffet complete with frosted animal crackers and teacup shaped lollipops, pink lemonade served in mason jars with paper straws, homemade cupcakes adorned with edible pearl and gold heart glitter sprinkles, and of course...the cake! We also placed floral arrangments in vintage teacups on all the tables for a fresh pop that stuck with the theme. I was loving the birthday stats chalkboard prints that were trending, but they were way out of budget! So, instead I bought a large canvas on sale at my local craft store and used chalkboard paint for a DIY chalkboard. Thank goodness for my mom's great handwriting! The favor table featured goodies for all ages since we had lots of babies, toddlers and adults at the party, For the adults we had assorted teas in DIY, hand-stamped tea bags, and hand-stamped thank you bags to be filled from our candy buffet. For the babies: 100% organic heart-shaped lotion bars and 100% organic diaper rash cream, all handmade by me! & for the big kids, goodie bags filled with plastic princess tiaras, teacup straw cups and glitter pencils. All the thank-you bags, tags and wrappers were hand-stamped. We wanted some activities for both the babies and adults so we set up a DIY photobooth.We made homemade props out of skewers and colored cardstock, and hung a gold fringe backdrop from Oriental Trading.  We set out our digital camera on a tripod and encouraged our guests to dress up and snap a photo! For the kids, I filled cheap inflatable pools with balls for a DIY ball pit! Links for purchased supplies below: Invitations Chevron Teacup High Chair Banner Paper Straws My Daughter's Birthday Dress Tea Pot Cake Topper Tea Party Sippy Cups

Favorite Items

I loved the old-fashioned pink high chair. It was a $20 score via Craigslist! I spray painted it bubblegum pink and sealed it so it was fit for food.


Check out the dollar store! So many of your basic supplies can be purchased there to cut the cost. A lot of bakeries and grocery stores include a free smash cake with purchase of a birthday cake. Be sure to check with the baker! Enlist the help of your family and friends! My aunt Teri sent the floral arrangements, my mom helped me with all the DIY projects, my in-laws watched the baby so I could decorate and my fiance and his friends helped with all the labor: set-up, tear-down and decorating (under my direction, of course!) :)