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Pretty Pastel DIY


Welcoming our second daughter meant another room with many DIY touches. We reused the crib and chair but they were each given new elements to make the space feel new and special. The room is about having just enough (the essentials) with a backdrop that can transition into a big girl room one day.

Design Inspiration

The colors in the fabric from the change pad were the inspiration for the room. I wanted multiple patterns and textures if possible but as soft and calm as possible. I wanted an uncluttered room where we could relax together. I also wanted a room that had similar colors to my older daughter's room so that the bedroom spaces in our house felt cohesive.

Decorating Style

Color, pattern, and a little more color. A lot of DIY because that is what makes spaces feel unique and personal.

Project Details

With a limited budget to create our daughter's room and a strong nesting instinct, there is so much DIY love here. DIY items include - artwork above change table, slip cover on chair, painted and fabric inlay on side table, pennant, change pad cover, flower canvas, and crib skirt. The coral frame is from Organic Bloom.

Favorite Items

The art collection above the change table. The two circular pictures were created by my oldest daughter while I painted the purple flowers and assembled the butterflies.