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Pretty in Pastels Playroom


When I first designed Elena's Preschool Inspired Playroom, I wanted the room to mimic her days at preschool and it did just that!  She loved playing in the different areas of her playroom, the cafe section being her favorite.  Fast forward one year and her needs are now very different.   She is really starting to play pretend and use her imagination so much more!  This meant weeding through everything to figure out what she still plays with and what could be donated.  Of course, I excitedly accepted the challenge of a playroom update.

I wanted to build off of the idea of the "focus areas" that were already in place, but mature it up a little bit by re-configuring the space and adding new elements.  I kept the Land of Nod bookshelves but added lots of new books (and donated TONS of old ones).  I also kept the IKEA bookshelves but updated the storage bins to a darker color.  I did purchase a new table and chairs from Amazon and a new play kitchen from IKEA simply because my daughter is taller and I wanted her to be able to grow with those pieces.  Moving the art easel downstairs freed up some space in the corner which allowed a great little desk and stool from IKEA to utilize the space.  I love that her artwork is still displayed and she now has her own little calendar to keep track of events.

The IKEA Duktig play kitchen and IKEA Flisat dollhouse are probably my favorite things in her playroom.  I scoured Pinterest for ideas on how to hack out the kitchen and found a great tutorial here.   The cute little dish sets are also from IKEA.  Yes, they are glass (eek!), but they have proven to stand up to some rough play.  The mounted little shelves that hold the adorable play food are IKEA Bekvam spice racks.  Another simple and great hack!  The adorable painted wood shelf was hand made by my husband's best friend and fits perfectly in the new space.  Elena loves to cook and make cereal (of all things) in her new play kitchen.  She even leaves her dishes in the sink for me to clean up, how nice of her!

The dollhouse has been such a fun thing to do with her.  I painted the exterior and roof so that it would compliment the room.  Once painted and put together I got to work finding the cutest little dollhouse furniture and accessories.  Most of the items in the house came from here, here, and here.  I added my own little original canvas art in the living room.  I also added a little outdoor area with a cute little fence and BBQ area.  Note to self, Gorilla Glue is STRONG!  Her little Calico Critters family moved in and feels right at home!  My daughter sits and plays in her dollhouse for hours.

While I initially wanted everything to be from Pottery Barn Kids, it just simply wasn't in the budget, and truthfully I'm so happy that I didn't go that route.  This was my first real DIY project with sanding, painting, and building and I really enjoyed it!  Most everything that was purchased new was from IKEA, Target, and Amazon.  This little pastel playroom was so fun to put together and I'm hoping my daughter will love it for years to come.

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  1. avatar LESLIE K MENDOZA says:

    Hello, ive seen someone else ask but i dont see an answer.

    Where is the play pretend food on the ikea wall racks from?

    Thank you

  2. avatar Annie says:

    Hi! I just came across this beautiful playroom. I know it is a few years old and I did look through comments for an answer to my question but don’t see it so I’m hoping you will see this…Did you paint the EAT sign? If so do you remember what color? I know the table and chairs came that color but it’s exactly what I’m looking for a bathroom vanity!

  3. avatar Brittney says:

    For those wanting to do the rainbow books: you could easily do them with some Mod Podge and paper, or even just make book sleeves out of construction paper! <3

    Hope that helps someone. I used to do it to my book to keep to a monochromatic theme, and it worked wonders. There are tons of webpages out there on how to make the dust covers.

  4. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Linda! It’s from IKEA!

  5. avatar Linda says:

    Hi, I know this is an old post but I just found it. This is a beautiful play room! Where is the white desk from? I tried to look through the comments first, but didn’t see it. Thanks!

  6. avatar Chelsea says:

    Hi! Just stumbled upon this adorable room! I’m trying to find the wood food items from Land of Nod (Crate & Kids) but it’s no longer available. Any idea on where I could find this? I’ve been searching high and low!! It’s too cute!

  7. avatar D says:

    Hi there! Adorable room and thank you so much for sharing and giving tips on where to find your treasures. :) Do you know where you go the pastel patterned containers (tin I think) below the EAT sign? Also, I would love tips on how to hang the art Ikea wire too.

  8. avatar Jeanie says:

    Where did you get rainbow books that are on the wall above the desk? Are they notebooks by chance?

  9. avatar Amanda says:

    Where did you get the black storage baskets for inside the cubbies?

  10. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Michelle, It’s the Ikea DUKTIG play kitchen that she’s made some changes to.

  11. avatar Michelle says:

    Hi! Where is this kitchen set from

  12. avatar Kerry Hart says:

    The doll house looks/is bigger than the one I have seen at ikea, what did you do to make the doll house bigger?

  13. avatar Trisha Roe says:

    We are in the process of a room makeover! I have purchased the spice racks from Ikea. Would you share how you anchored them to the wall, please? They are not wide enough to anchor on two studs but I want to be sure they don’t pull from the wall once books are placed in them.
    Thank you!

  14. avatar Jime says:

    Thank you!!!

  15. avatar Beth says:

    Oh here’s the whole set.

  16. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Jime, They are the Puffin Classics. There is a set on Amazon here, but it’s not all of them.

  17. avatar Jime says:

    Hi!!! Need those rainbow books! How do I find them in amazon?

  18. avatar *e says:

    After all this time you still answer messages on this post!!! I did the same thing, bought the same board and hoped for the best!! THANK YOU for taking the time to answer me!

  19. avatar Shannon says:

    Hi *e! Thank you so much, and so sorry for seeing this so late. You probably have already figured out what size you needed and completed your project by now! I found the piece of wood from my local Michaels craft store and it was the perfect size, no trimming or cutting down was necessary. Have fun playing!

  20. avatar Sandy Papendieck says:

    I love the paint color of the room. Can you share that with me? Thanks, Sandy

  21. avatar Bri says:

    Where did the table and stool come from underneath the crayons?!

  22. avatar *e says:

    Hi Ms.Shannon!

    Firstly thank you for sharing all this information with the world!! This is amazing! I was wondering by chance do you know the measurements of the piece of wood you glued into the top level of the dollhouse? I just bought the same dollhouse and I have been super inspired by your “hack”!! LOVE IT!!
    Thank you for your time!!

  23. avatar shacosta says:

    You are welcome Crystal, have fun redecorating your girls playroom!

  24. avatar shacosta says:

    Hi there! Sorry, just seeing all of your new questions…
    Hi Lindsey! I purchased the 6′ rug.
    Hi Katie, our walls are painted Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams. I would say it definitely pulls more beige than gray. Hope that helps!
    Hi Crystal! We love our Sunnersta cups and rail storage system. Have fun redecorating your playroom!

  25. avatar crystal says:

    nevermind so sorry i just reread and found your answer. thank you though for sharing all this info with us. I am currently redecorating my girls playroom and I cant wait to incorporate some of these wonderful ideas

  26. avatar crystal says:

    i seen your response for the railing that holds the colored pencils and stuff but where did you get the actual cups/bins? unless i missed it somewhere

  27. avatar Katie says:

    Hi, please can you tell me grey colour paint on the wall that you used?

  28. avatar Lindsey says:

    What size is the rug 6’ or 9’?

  29. avatar Shannon says:

    Thank you Laura! The pencil, crayon, marker cup holders and rail are the Sunnersta from IKEA.

  30. avatar Shannon says:

    Thank you so much Regiane! The white desk and stool were purchased from IKEA (yay!) in the kids department.

  31. avatar Laura Bossio says:

    Beautiful room! Redoing our loft into a playroom for Xmas! Where are the art supplies cups from? I just love them!

  32. avatar Regiane says:

    You’re so inspirational! This is just gorgeous!
    Where did you get the white table/desk and bench please? I’m in Australia so might be hard to get it here unless it’s IKEA :)

  33. avatar Shannon says:

    Thank you Lauren! You find a detailed source list in my daughters Officially Forever Big Girl Room, Hope this helps!

  34. avatar Shannon says:

    Hi Meg, The containers are Sunnersta from IKEA.

  35. avatar Lauren says:

    Hello!! Where did you get the furniture for the dollhouse? Love this room!

  36. avatar Meg Carin says:

    Where did you get the containers for the markers and crayons?

  37. avatar Shannon says:

    Thank you Carly, I purchased the book shelves from The Land of Nod, now Crate&Kids. I just checked and they have something similar to the ones I purchased a few years ago.

  38. avatar Carly says:

    Love This room
    Can you send me the link for the wall book shelves please

  39. avatar shacosta says:

    Thank you so much Sandra and Sammy! The rail and cups holding the crayons, pencils, and markers are IKEA Sunnersta. Super cheap easy to install. IKEA didn’t provide the hardware, so you do have to find screws that will fit. Hope that helps!

  40. avatar Sammy says:

    So adorable, I love everything in this room! You have some talent. I’m currently working on a art area for my daughter and was wondering where you got the canisters to hang the crayons, pencils and markers? And also how you hung them? I love that whole section! Thank you and Happy Spring.

  41. avatar Sandra says:

    Pretty room. Where did you get the pencil holders! They are amazing!

  42. avatar Melinda says:

    Where did the white rectangle table come from? Link?

  43. avatar Shannon says:

    Thank you so much Kimsey! The wall frames are from Michaels and the inspirational quotes are 5 x 7 card size from Children Inspire Design. I just checked their website and they are still available!

  44. avatar Kimsey says:

    Shannon, I just LOVE this room! Can you tell me where the frames are from that hold the ‘floating’ inspirational quotes?
    Also, did you buy the quote cards or make them?
    Thank you!

  45. avatar Shannon says:

    Hi Pam, it’s the Dignitet curtain wire from IKEA.

  46. avatar Pam says:

    Where did you buy the metal line for artwork display.

  47. avatar Shannon says:

    I just double checked and it’s called UDDIG. There are other cute little kitchen products in the UDDIG line too. Happy holidays!

  48. avatar Diane says:

    Hi Shannon do you know what it is called?? Thank you so much for replying back! Happy holidays!

  49. avatar Shannon says:

    Thank you Diane! I purchased them from IKEA. I’m not sure if they still have them but I think they were in the kitchen storage section.

  50. avatar Diane says:

    Hi love your playroom! Where did you get the 3 pastel color canisters?

  51. avatar Shannon says:

    Thank you Elaine! Yes, I added a board purchased from Michaels Crafts and attached it with Gorilla Glue. I don’t have the actual size of the board (sorry!) but it is holding up well! I also chose not to use the divider wall for the first level of the dollhouse to keep it more open plan.

  52. avatar Shannon says:

    Hi Tammy, the link for the rug is listed under Project Sources, but I think it’s call the Jubilee Braided indoor/outdoor rug. Hope that helps!

  53. avatar Elaine says:

    Hi, this is so adorable! Can you share more information how you remodel the IKEA dollhouse? Did you add a board to create an attic?

  54. avatar Tammy says:

    Can you post the link for the circle rug please ?

  55. avatar Tammy says:

    Can you possibly post the link to the circle rug ?

  56. avatar Shannon says:

    Thank you Laura! The little stuffed unicorn is from Target. I’m pretty sure they still have it. The books are Puffin hardcover classics. They sell a boxed set on Amazon of 5 or 6 of the books and the others I found through Amazon, my local book store, and Book Depository online. Some of them are now out of print and are hard to find. I think they are coming out with Oliver Twist later this month. Hope that helps!

  57. avatar Laura says:

    I absolutely love this playroom!!! Where’s the little unicorn and the collection of colorful books from? :)

  58. avatar Shannon says:

    Thank you Renae! The white paint for the IKEA kitchen and the dollhouse is Benjamin Moore Simply White. That is also the paint color for the baseboards and trim in the room.

  59. avatar Renae says:

    Whar white paint did you use? The play room I see adorable!

  60. avatar Shannon says:

    Thank you very much Kelsey! It was a fun room to put together! I’m not sure of the exact dimensions of the space but I grabbed my tape measure and got 13 ft (back wall with 3 windows) by 10 ft (side wall with large window) give or take a few inches. Does that make sense? Hope that helps!

  61. avatar Shannon says:

    Thank you Tiffany! The play food is from The Land of Nod.

  62. avatar Kelsey Mitchell says:

    Hi! This is a random question, but do you happen to know how big this room is? I’m trying to recreate my girls playroom and love everything you have chosen to include!! It is beautiful!

  63. avatar Tiffany says:

    Hi! Where is the play food from? Thank you! Adorable room!

  64. avatar Shannon says:

    Hi Rebecca, the book in between The Call of the Wild, and The Wind in the Willows is Charlotte’s Web. I think I found that one through Book Depository. Some of the titles are now out of print and may be hard to find, which is why we don’t have the entire collection. Try Amazon, Book Depository, or Book Depot online. Good luck!

  65. avatar Shannon says:

    Thanks Heather! I didn’t like how the crayons and pencils were so low in the cups so I folded cheap washcloths in the bottom for the crayons and pencils to rest on. Simple trick!

  66. avatar Shannon says:

    Hi Jennifer, the rail hanging the artwork is from IKEA. It’s the Dignitet curtain wire and can be found in the curtain rod section online. Hope that helps!

  67. avatar Rebecca says:

    Hi! What is the name of the book in the rainbow collection between The Call of the Wild & The Wind in the Willows? Thanks so much!

  68. avatar Heather says:

    Love this so much!! We have these cups but they seem deeper than yours .. or How did you get the crayons to sit above the cups top?

  69. avatar Jennifer says:

    Hello Shannon, where did you get the rail hanging the art work?

  70. avatar Shannon says:

    Hi Ali, the bookshelves on the wall are from The Land of Nod.

  71. avatar Ali says:

    Where are the shelves that are holding the books on the wall from?

  72. avatar Shannon says:

    Thank you Alissa! The wall color is Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams. It definitely pulls more beige than gray, but you’re right…it’s a perfect neutral.

  73. avatar Shannon says:

    Hi Jennifer, they are The IKEA Bekvwm spice racks. They were $4 each. I gave them a quick sanding and painted them white.

  74. avatar Alissa says:

    This room is perfection!! So adorable 💜 Do you know what paint color is on the walls? It’s a perfect neutral 💜

  75. avatar jennifer says:

    Where did you get the white shelves to the left of kitchen? They have “groceries” on them. Thank you.

  76. avatar Shannon says:

    Hi Randi, they are the Kallax in the glossy white.

  77. avatar Randi says:

    Hi! Can you tell me which IKEA bookshelves these are?

  78. avatar Shannon says:

    Thank you Nicole! The rug is from RugsUSA and is listed under sources.

  79. avatar Nicole says:

    Great room! Where did the rug come from?

  80. avatar Shannon says:

    Thank you Kate!

  81. Kate Dreyer says:

    This is a great playroom! Love your style.

  82. avatar Cristina says:

    Thank you very much it helps a lot :)

  83. avatar Shannon says:

    The rail and cups holding the crayons and pencils are IKEA Sunnersta. Super cheap and easy to install. Hope that helps Cristina!

  84. avatar Cristina says:

    Hello, how did you do the color and crayon cases on the wall?

  85. avatar Shannon says:

    Thank you Doria! The link is listed below under sources l, but it’s the Delta Children Windsor Table from Amazon. I think it comes in a gray color too.

  86. avatar Doria says:

    Hi! Such an adorable room! Can you post the link for the blue table and chairs? Thank you!

  87. avatar Shannon says:

    Hi Heather, aren’t they great? They are Puffin Hardcover Classics and I found them through Amazon, Book Depository and ordering through my local Copperfields book store. FYI, some titles are no longer in print which makes them hard to find and expensive.

  88. Where did the rainbow books come from?! I’m loving them!