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Preston’s Polka Dot Party!


We celebrated Preston's First Birthday in "P"erfection. Inspired by Michael Miller's "Lolli Dot" fabric, I got to work! There were Polka dots, Pom Poms, Popcorn, Pretzels, Party Mix, Pop, Peanuts, Pizza, Rice Krispie Popcicles and Punch. I also had a small candy station set up with bright colored candy to match the color scheme of red, yellow, orange, lime, turquoise and navy. There was a smaller snack station in the living room-everything served in Pails! His friends took home small pails. Each pail had a personalied letter ornament for their name (purchased at Land of Nod for $1), Puzzle shaped soap, Playdough, freeze Pop cozies, a crayon roll, a Pocket game, Pop Rocks, and a Ring Pop. For the only other baby, I substituted the crayon roll and pocket game with a small lovey toy purchased on Etsy. It was also from the same seller and done in the "Lolli Dot" fabric. They also got a coordinating bottle of bubbles and a Pinwheel! Many of the favors were purchased on Etsy, or the Dollar Tree, and some of them were also done in "Lolli Dot" fabric. All of the napkins, plates and cups were in red and purchased at the Dollar Tree. I ordered a yard of the fabric, from an Etsy seller, for layering on the table, but the orange plastic table cloth was from Walmart! Most of the paper items were purchsed at Bushel & Peck Paper on Etsy, but I did make the food labels in Microsoft Paint, and I made the cupcake toppers with my Cricut! Preston wore a navy shirt, from Etsy, done in the "Lolli Dot" fabric. He also had a matching birthday hat and bib-also Etsy purchases! I made the cupcakes myself-to save money-but the smash cake was purchased at Walmart for under $8!

Design Inspiration

Michael Miller's "Lolli Dot" fabric

Decorating Style

For children, I like to decorate in bright colors with pieces that have many uses, because I believe in stretching a buck! For my home, I consider myself transitional and like to add unexpected pops and some whimsical pieces. This often comes in the form of repurposed antiques or personalized Etsy finds!

Project Details

Etsy! Etsy! Etsy! Did I mention Etsy?! Here are a list of the shops that helped make this possible...


Favorite Items

My favorite item was the Pop and favor tags on them! I also really liked the peanut display!


Perfection doesn't have to cost a ton. Plan ahead. Take your time and search for bargains. It's alright to splurge here and there, for those pieces that really make a statement, as long as they can be repurposed or used again!


Wednesday 16th of March 2011

Those pompoms really made the treats table become more alive.  I just love the fun colors you used here.  Very whimsical theme and very dynamic!


Saturday 5th of March 2011

Hi! What a wonderful theme for a sharing room situation! I placed a custom order for the invitations, large circle 1 signs and the favor tags on the pails and pop. They were from Jaimee at Bushel and Peck Paper on Etsy. However, I still have 3 of the large number 1 circle signs. If you want them, I can send you an invoice via PayPal. How does $6 including shipping sound?! I made the other tags (food tags) and cupcake toppers. If you want, I could make some for you too. I saved the format. You could give me a list of what foods you are having and how many cupcake toppers you want! Any other questions about anything else, and I would be glad to help! Food tags would be $.50/each and cupcake toppers would be $1.25 each! The peanuts bags were bought on Etsy from HeyYoYo. I think I have some left, and I could include them with the rest of the stuff, but I'll have to look to see how many!


Friday 4th of March 2011

*son, share*, fabric*custom* Good Gracious!


Friday 4th of March 2011

My 3 yr old sone and 9 month old daughter shar a room and I used this fabric for several items when trying to transistion from a red and navy boys room.  The lolli dot fabri worked perfectly.  I would love to use the same theme for My baby girls 1st Bday.  Could you please let me know if you placed a custome order or were the paper products available for order already? Hope you dont mind:-)


Friday 25th of February 2011

They were actually Christmas ornaments, and I bought them when they were on clearance!