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Preston’s Place


Striped grey walls set off the lime and bright blue accents throughout the room, while the white furniture pops off of the pewter walls. Trees flank the crib nestling it in on the wall. Hints of owls through out the room for my little hoot.


Design Inspiration

I wanted something traditional and modern, something that wasn't too baby, this seemed just right.


Decorating Style

Fun and eyecatching

Project Details

Ikea Hemnes dresser , Ikea lack shelving, Crib from JcPenny's, vinyl wall decal coco designs (ebay seller), dutchboy paint "stonewall jackson"

Favorite Items

the wall vinyl, such a big statement!


go for it, stripes are easy if you have a laser level!

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  1. avatar Jenn says:

    Where is the stuffed monkey from?

  2. avatar Beth says:

    Did the stonewall Jackson look purple for you at all? I just painted my kitchen and it looks purple eek

  3. […] the stripes in these nurseries. source unknown source […]

  4. avatar Amanda says:

    What size letters? 6 inches?

  5. avatar Sandra says:

    What type of chair is that in the corner? (i.e. is it a recliner, or just a glider…) And where did you get it? (I’m trying to find a good source for a small-ish recliner.)

  6. avatar Shannon says:

    What size are the letters above the crib?

  7. the pictures were just white canvas’s from michaels that i painted

  8. avatar tonya says:

    where did you get the pictures of the animals on the wall

  9. cream paint was just the builders “white”….prolly from sherman williams as one of their off whites…sorry i can’t be more specific

  10. letters are from hobby lobby, they are the cardboard ones you can paint!

  11. avatar Marcelo says:

    Loved it! Where did you get the green letters for the baby’s name?

  12. avatar Sarah says:

    I like the cream color you used. It pairs nicely with the grey. What color is the cream paint?

  13. avatar Ann says:

    Such a wonderful peaceful room. Where did you get the paper globes hanging above the chair?

  14. avatar Bri says:

    I made mr. owl from fabric , a very easy sewing project. I used wonder inder to attach fabric wings and nose to his body. The hamper was one.from walmart.that had a cream colored liner.originally that I swapped out a handsewed one from fabric I liked!

  15. avatar Kendra says:

    I love the hamper, where did you find this? Also the owl on the changing table, so cute! Great job on the room!

  16. avatar bri says:

    this is the ebay link for the wall vinyls i used, they have a great selection and great product.

    The paint is dutchboy refresh paint and the color was “sheet metal” and “stonewall jackson”

  17. avatar Lisa says:

    Where did you get the wall decals? They are exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  18. avatar Kayla says:

    I love the grey walls!! what is the name of the paint you used?