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For the past couple of years there was no real organization or theme to the playroom.  Everything was just kind of thrown in there and it was always a mess and not fun to look at.  It got to a point that we didn't even know what we had!  My two year old just started preschool recently and I wanted to mimic the structure (and fun!) of her new school in her playroom.

First I scoured Pinterest and of course Project Nursery for ideas.  I knew I wanted an art section and a reading section.  What was the most fun to put together was her little cafe area (cafe idea found here).  Instead of printing and framing the menus, I used chalkboard and a chalk marker to create my own (please excuse my poor handwriting).  I purchased the letters on the wall from Michaels in white and painted them a fun turquoise color.  I wanted to keep the room gender neutral as we would like to have more children.  Most everything in the room was either purchased at Target or Michaels Craft Store.

I love seeing my daughters art hanging on the wall and so does she!  It's the true focal point of the playroom.  This was such a fun room to put together!


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    Hi Gabby, the bookshelves are from The Land of Nod. I think they come in other fun colors too.

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    So cute! What type of string/wire and hooks did you use for the artwork clothing line? Can you share what you did? Thanks!

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    I purchased some cheap twine, colorful clothes pins and thumbtacks from Michaels. I have a thumbtack holding up each end of the twine and it’s working great! Hope that helps.

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    Really focused design! Very sucess full implementation of read/write/color/shape themes!
    We’ll done Shanny!

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    Thank you Kristen! I purchased the letters from Michaels Craft store in white and painted them myself. I purchased the paint from Michaels too but no longer have it.

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    Thank you Kel! I purchased those from Target. They have two sizes, these are the smaller ones.

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    Looks great! Where is the white chalk easel from please? It looks like it has paper the other side, this is just what I’m looking for. Thanks!

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    Thank you Zoe! The art easel is by Kidcraft and I believe was purchased on Amazon (it was a birthday present). One side features a chalkboard and the other side is a white board. The paper rolls down either side to color or paint on. It’s pretty awesome!

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    I’m currently redoing our playroom and I LOVE this room! How did you do the chalkboard looking signs in the “cafe”?

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    Sorry! I see you used a chalk marker. Do you know where you got the plain/simple square chalk boards?

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    Thank you Chelsea! I purchased the plain chalkboards at Target. I believe they were in the craft/stationary section. Hope that helps!

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    Hi Kinsey, the bookcase is from IKEA along with the yellow storage boxes. See link below listed in sources. They are awesome!

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    Thank you Viviana! It’s the high gloss white. Super easy to clean, everything just wipes right off!

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    Thanks Carolyn! The kitchen was a garage sale find. It’s the white vintage kitchen by Kidcraft. It comes in other colors too!

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    How did you attach the cube storage to the wall? I’m wondering if my boys might knock it over?

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    Jen – I actually have not attached those to the wall. They are pretty sturdy set up this way. But I would have definitely attached the cubby case if I had it standing vertical. I would imagine IKEA has the appropriate items to do that.

    Shae – Thanks! The letters are very light. All it took was a few small sized 3m command strips. Super easy!

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    Hi Katherine, the bookshelves on the wall are from The Land of Nod and the standing cubby bookshelves are from IKEA and are the Kallax unit in glossy white. Hope this answers your question!

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    I am enjoying imagine my new playroom looking just like yours. I read all the comments and I appreciate your taking the time to respond to all of those. Thanks to that I don’t have any questions, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing ;)

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    Thank you Ana! I think you are talking about the IKEA Sunnersta buckets and rail that hold our crayons and colored pencils in our recently revamped playroom, Pretty in Pastels. They are inexpensive and very user friendly!

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    Hello there! Are the cubby cases sturdy? I have a nine-month-old who loves to climb and a 2 1/2-year-old that is pretty rough. Thank you so much!

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    Hi Sheena, the cubbies are pretty sturdy. IKEA does sell the brackets to mount the unit to the wall which would keep them from toppling over. I don’t have them attached to my wall since my daughter is pretty mellow and doesn’t climb on anything. But I do recommend using the mounting brackets that come with the cubbies. Hope that helps!

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