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Preemie Power! Boy Nursery – Could Be Considered Neutral


Quentin was born 12 weeks premature and had a 100 day stay in the NICU so I had lots of time to be at home preparing for our boy to come home and get a little bit creative!

Design Inspiration

I didn't want to go with only traditional blue colours but still wanted it to obviously be for a boy. My roomate and I went to the store and picked out a turquoise, lime green, and sherbet orange. I was either going to do stripes or cubes on one wall and a neutral colour on the other walls. After looking up tutorials online, I decided that a square wall pattern would best suit my post C-section abilities as a painter. Beige looked nice with the three colours we picked out, so we went with that for our neutral colour.

Decorating Style

Warmth and happiness

Favorite Items

Frog Painters Tape