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Charlie’s Room


Converted a fun playroom into a pink & aqua baby girl nursery using existing pieces, borrowed items, and hand-me-downs while staying on a budget!

Design Inspiration

My son picked the nicknames "Maverick" (for a boy) & "Charlie" (for a girl) before we found out what we were having because he LOVES the movie "Top Gun". When we found out the little one was going to be a "Charlie", I knew I wanted to make her room pink & aqua instead of red & blue from the "Top Gun" logo. I also love chevron but didn't want to take on chevron walls (or any type of painting since the house had just been professionally painted 2 years ago). Also, her baby shower was a "Charlie's Chocolate Factory" theme with the same colors so I wanted to reuse the decor from the party in her room to save money on both ends.

Project Details

 In Charlie's room:

- Ikea Expedit shelving unit & Pink Drona boxes (already owned)
- Ikea Klobo loveseat (already owned)
- Jenny Lind Crib & mattress: We own a tacky colored brown one which we used with our 2 older kids but this white one is much prettier and our friends kindly let us borrow theirs!
- Glider chair & ottoman: borrowed
- Chevron throw temporarily covering glider: $20 @ TJ Maxx
- Chevron rug: $44 @ Rugs USA (holiday sales make this very affordable!)
- "CHARLIE" wall art inspired by Top Gun logo:  DIY for < $20
- Pink, turquoise, aqua pom poms/lanterns: Reused from baby shower. The small ones are DIY, the big pink ones were on clearance for $3 (6 pieces in a pack!) at Joann's, & the big turquoise ones were $9 for 3 at Party City (in the wedding section). The small pink lanterns were $1 for 2 in the dollar section @ Target.
- Pink & aqua pennant flags: DIY decor for her baby shower. I used pink prepackaged cardstock from Walmart and aqua wrapping paper glued onto white card stock. I found the wrapping paper for $3 @ TJ Maxx.
- Frames & shelves on wall: Most were already owned and were bought on clearance then left somewhere until I found a place to hang them. I usually find these things at Ikea, Target, Kohl's, Bed Bath & Beyond, and TJ Maxx.
- Ikea Chalkboard: $15; I meant to use it to keep track of my growing belly but I never felt like taking pictures during this pregnancy.
- Munchkin Baby cart: Already owned; gift from 9 years ago when I had my first daughter. It is sold at Target. It has wheels so I can roll it into my room when she is sleeping with us and roll it back when she's in the nursery.
- DexBaby SPIN Changing station: Baby shower gift; $15 @
- Munchkin changing pad: Baby shower gift; $27 @ Target
- DexBaby plush changing cover: $10 @ Walmart
- Umbra casa tissue case: $5 @ Amazon
-  Couch pillows: Ikea w/DIY covers -- fabric from Ikea & Walmart
- Crib sheet: Baby shower gift;  $10 @ Target
- Crib skirt: Target/Dwell line 2010 handed down from my sister's baby
- Diaper Genie: $10 *NEW from Craigslist
- Envelope bird cage: Reused from our wedding for her baby shower envelopes

Favorite Items

"Charlie" wall art & very affordable Chevron rug


Always check the clearance section because you will find great "treasures" there. Don't be afraid to buy second hand items as your taste could change from one child to the next; that way, if you decide to go in a different direction later you won't feel so bad about the money spent. Think about what you can make yourself (or ask someone to make) and decide if making items is more affordable and worth your time. Only buy on impulse if you know you can return or exchange or use the item somewhere else. Be on the look out for great sales and useful things around your own home to use in your nursery!


Wednesday 15th of August 2012

Great job transforming the playroom to a nursery. And that's a sweet story about your son naming your baby after a character from his favorite movie.