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Play Room Basement


Playroom that parents can enjoy.

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Ikea, Target, Homegoods


Tuesday 30th of November 2010

Hi JenniferGillie:  Thanks for the reply, sorry it took me so long to acknowledge it.  I'm impressed by what you did with that table and chair! amazing what a can of paint can do!


Monday 18th of October 2010

Thanks everyone for the really nice comments.

I took this picture with my camera phone, so that is why it looks so dark. I need to retake the pictures with a normal camera. 

The chair set was actually a garbage find. It originally looked like this db_crayom_copy2.jpg, but I just used a can of dark brown spray paint to make it look dark espresso. 

Ikea has some pretty affordable table and chair sets with naked wood to make any color you want.    


Monday 11th of October 2010

I have been looking around for a small table and chair set in dark finish just like the one you have there! Where did you get that???


Sunday 10th of October 2010

I so love this room as well, it's much more sophisticated and grown up, but it still retains the playful feel.  This must be a nice room to relax in while enjoying some quality time with Seth!


Sunday 10th of October 2010

This room's fits a boy perfectly. It has that rugged, masculine look. And I love the three cherry blossoms frames. They give the room a soft and feminine touch, without making it look less masculine.