Pixar Themed Nursery

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  • Pixar Themed Nursery
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Pixar themed nursery. Anything Pixar related; Movies and shorts.

Design Inspiration

On the surface or at first glance, the room screams Toy Story, but we really tried to touch on anything related to Pixar. While the bulk of it is Toy Story, if you look closely enough you will see a touch of every movie and some cartoon shorts.

Decorating Style

Character themed.

Project Details

This was a total DIY project. The laminate flooring and the beadboard were purchased at Home Depot and we installed everything. All of the paint is from Sherwin Williams.

Favorite Items

Tie: The birds on the telephone wire and Jack-Jack on the ceiling.


Patience & Time. We did everything after watching DIY videos and what we learned is that DIY videos make everthing seem easier than they actually are. Everything ended up being easy, but not until after a few trial and errors  and bumps in the road.


  1. 1

    Awwwwww I super love this room! I am a big Pixar movies fan too! At first I thought the room looks so busy and there’s too much going on, but the more I noticed the details, the more I fell in love with it!

  2. 2

    Wonderful! I love the softies from UP, Russel most especially. I love how you placed Monster’s Sully behind the closet door. I love those three birds perched on the wires.

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  4. 4

    Can you tell me please where you got the clamps for the crib mobile and how you did the birds on the telephone wire :)

  5. 5
  6. 6

    We used claws from a toy called, “Toy Story Mega Action Claw Grab.” They are connected to a red handle. We just dismantled the toy so we could have just the claws.

  7. 7
  8. 8

    Sorry for the delay. They were lucky(very lucky) finds on ebay. Once we found out the “For The Birds” birds existed we googled all others. Another way to search it on ebay would be to search for, “Pixar Rare.”

  9. 9

    Sorry, forgot there were two halves of a question here. Regarding the birds, we found a fencing post at Home Depot and cut the curved sides down to about a quater inch thickness and nailed them to the wall. The phone lines are actually window splines, similar to what holds the netting to a frame on the screens. The birds are just pinned to the wall to look like they standing on the lines.

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  12. 12

    Jasmine, the ball was a lucky find at our local Disney store.

    Maureen, My wife found it on the internet.

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  20. 21

    Can you please tell me where to get the nursery stuff for my baby boy I love everything mainly where did you buy we’ll the crib set also the wall name

  21. 22

    Everyone, sorry for the late responses. I don’t get back here much. The color is called Flyway Blue from Sherwin Williams. The crib set was purchased from a local furniture store that has since then gone out of business here. It was called Guys and Dolls. The letters were created by someone my wife found on Etsy.

    Vanessa: I honestly don’t know the measurements. We printed out a copy of the clouds and traced them onto a bunch of 14×17 sheets of xray film and then taped them all over the room. I’m sure the measurements are not exact. I kind of winged it on the pattern and cloud separation. For example, the pattern only really merges over the closet door and the last set of clouds we painted are closer together than all the other clouds.

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  23. 24

    My wife found someone on Etsy that does wood work. They did the letters also in the same font as the Pixar logo. And the Wisps.

  24. 25
  25. 26

    I was wondering about the cloud as well. How did you get it to look so “3Dish” I really love it!


  26. 27

    We found someone on Etsy that does woodwork. We show her what we wanted and she made it. Turned out better than we expected.

  27. 28

    Aaron is there a source or recommendation where I could get those clouds? Thanks so much! Been trying to find the exact ones that you have used, I love them!

  28. 29

    The clouds we painted on the wall? We used a template we found on Pinterest. We traced them on to X-ray film and cut it out and taped them to the walls for painting. Hope this helps.

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