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Pinwheels and Pom Poms First Birthday Bash


Pinwheels and PomPoms first birthday bash!  Not a detail missed.  Mom handmade mostly all the details including the beautiful pom pom wreath. 


Project Details

Photography by Christy Hollywood Photography

See full blog post here:



The full pom pom wreath tutorial can be found here:

From the Mom: The only tips I have would be to use pipe cleaners instead of floral wire when making the pom pom wreath--it's a little easier to manipulate. And I didn't glue the poms in place--I simply took the floral pins and pinned them in place (most times using two pins) so that I could move them around to get the final result I wanted.  Also, I will say that I ordered the tissue paper in bulk (because I used a lot to make the tissue pom wall too) and that tissue paper was quite larger in sheet size than the regular tissue paper you buy in stores. The only difference is that the poms are a little fuller and easier to work with, but I've made a wreath using both the bulk tissue paper and regular store tissue paper and both turned out beautifully.  I say that because if someone is looking to do a lot with tissue paper (poms or other projects), it's worth looking into the bulk tissue paper.  They come in several colors! Website is

Tasha Cune

Monday 23rd of July 2012

Her pink high chair is so lovely! And the pompom wreath, pompom backdrop for the dessert table, and the makeshift photo booth are so cute!