Pink, Grey, and Glitter Baby Shower

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Our families threw us a beautiful pink, grey, white, and glitter baby shower! It was full of lovely patterned papers mixed with hand painted illustrations and included baby photos of my husband and I as well as a slideshow of my baby bump's progression thus far.

Design Inspiration

"We wanted the shower to have a soft and feminine feel without being too baby-ish. Instead of filling the space with bottles and binkies, we chose to fill it with florals and glitter. If you ask Lauren her favorite color it will be gray every time... so we took that and added the pink and the gold. We tried to add details in all the right areas and I think it turned out beautifully." -Nikki, Penelope Poppy Cards & Stationary

Project Details

Diaper Cake: made by my mother

Candle Favors: made by my sister from baby food jars she saved

Napkin Rings, Garland, Confetti, and Centerpieces: created by my sister-in-laws

Headband Making Station: my mom prepared a variety of materials so guests could create headbands for Baby A

Print Materials (invitations, 8x10 table signs, food tent cards, water bottle labels, candle labels, and straw flags): hand-painted illustrations and designs by my sister-in-law Penelope Poppy Cards & Stationary

Photography: Lauren Armstrong Photography

Our families also prepared all the delicious hors d'oeuvres.

Favorite Items

No favorites. I loved everything!


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    I really enjoyed looking at your photos. Lovely, lovely baby shower. You got a really neat design/illustration for your printables. And I like the idea of the headband-making station!

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    What a truly gorgeous and glittery party- congratulations on being one of our favorites of the week!

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