Pink Gold White And Everything Nice

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Our sweet daughter turned one and we wanted to throw her a little party. My goal is to stay on a budget while still being glam. We set up the dessert table in our kitchen and decorated with stuff we already had.  Decorations are mostly DIY. We ordered balloons and a few banners online.  I made the cake myself and we did the cake smashing on the floor in our living room. Thanks to my talented husband for capturing these beautiful moments for our daughter to look back when she's older.


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    I love it! I would love to do something similar for my daughter. Would you be able to help me? Did you make the crown yourself? Also where do you get the skirt and the dress for her from? Finally her birthday hat?


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    Hey SD! sorry I just saw your comment! I’d love to help with any details you may need. I did not make the crown. I was thinking about it and started to shop for supplies to make it my own. Then I compared the expenses with the ones I found on Michaels website which was on sale and cheaper so I bought it from them. I found her outfit and a hat from TJmaxx.

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    Hi Caitee,
    I love the idea to display 12 months’ pictures. I have the exact same frame decorated with flowers we used as photo booth for my baby shower. I’m happy I could repurpose it. How did you put strings on the frame to hang pictures. Do you have a picture of the backside of it? TIA

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