Elena’s Pink, Aqua and Gray Nursery

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  • Personalized Aqua Letters Over the Crib
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I have always dreamed of one day designing a nursery for my baby and when we found out we were having a girl, I panicked.  Normally I shy away from all things girly, including the color pink, so I wasn't sure how to incorporate my non-girly style into a nursery for our baby.  I threw together her room without much thought...and I hated it.  I spent the first month of night time feedings trying to figure out how to redo this mess of a room I created.  Ultimately I decided to keep it simple and add pops of bright color.  I wanted to create a room where Elena was not only comfortable, but fun as well, with lots of bright details to capture her attention and inspire her.  I browsed Pinterest and Project Nursery to gather additional inspiration and design ideas.

Design Inspiration

I became inspired with the color combination of aqua and pink in the Vivian crib sheet from PBK so much that I decided to use it for her room.  I didn't necessarily want a theme in her room, although you could say that there is a silent elephant theme.  I wanted the focus to be on the colors, shapes and textures.

Project Details

Pottery Barn Kids:  Crib, Glider and Crib Sheet

Bookshelves:  The Land of Nod

Painted Wood Letters:  Craftcuts.  I ordered the letters pre-painted. It was a little more expensive but worth it.  I love the color!

Painted Frames: Cut It Out, LLC.  I spray painted them in the colors to match her room.

Picture Frames, Circle Dot Chandelier and Gold Foil Prints: Etsy

Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray

Favorite Items

My favorite item in the room would have to be Elena's elephants on the shelves.  They are a gift from her Papa, my grandpa, and are very special.  My grandpa collects elephants with their trunks up as it means good luck.  He had this set of four baby elephants and wanted Elena to have them.  They are precious to our family and I knew no matter what the design was that they would be apart of her room.


If at first you don't succeed, try again!


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    Thank you very much! For the aqua capital letters, the font is Helvetica Black and the size is 12″. The white cursive letters are in the Almibar font in 7″ size. I did not select the baseline option since this font automatically connects at the base of each letter. I ordered incorrectly for the inspirational words for her gallery wall and selected the baseline option and they came underlined. I hope this all makes sense and helps you out!

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    Thank you! The thickness for the letters of her name are 1inch thick and 12 inches tall. They turned out much heavier than I originally thought, but I used the 3M command strips and they are holding up perfect.

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    Thank you very much! The inspirational words are 4 inches tall and 1/8 inch thick. They are very thin and very light but still stand out. Hope this helps!

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    The white cursive letters are 1/4 inch thick and I attached them myself using double sided tape. :)

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    Hi! My daughter is 6 months old and her name is Elena Rose too! Do you still have the name sign? If so, I’d love to buy it from you :)

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