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Pink and Yellow Paper Flower Mobile


This is a lovely paper flower mobile in shades of yellow and pink. I do these in all different colors, styles and sizes. This one happens to be hung from a 10" white wooden hoop and has 7 flowers.

Design Inspiration

I create paper flowers for weddings and when I had some extra flowers I thought of this idea.  The flowers absolutely dance and it has a very ethereal and delicate feel.

Decorating Style

Whimsical and fun!

Project Details

This mobile was created using cardstock, glue, florist's wire and tape and half of a wood embroidery hoop.

Favorite Items



With a little patience and a weekend, you too can create this look!  If not feel free to contact me.  :)

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  1. avatar avan says:

    How do I make the flowers. Is there a template available for these lovely flower s.

  2. avatar Carol James says:

    I would love to order one of this mobile Pink and Yellow Paper Mobile. What is the cost and how do I go about ordering one??

  3. avatar Leanne says:

    How much do you charge for a mobile like this one? It is really nice!

  4. avatar MrsNocke says:

    Love this mobile! So pretty!

  5. avatar FerntreeStudio says:

    Thanks so much Dandelion!

  6. avatar Dandelion says:

    This is one lovely mobile!  I totally love the colors you’ve used here! :)

  7. avatar FerntreeStudio says:

    Honestly, I do make mine symmetrical.  It can be done either way though, it’s just a good bit of going back and forth moving things around until it hangs right.  Just remember that for every large item, you can probably put 2 small items opposite it.  Etc, etc. 

    My advise is to loosely tie everything on until you are finished, that way you can slide the pieces back and forth and you don’t have to undue knots a million times!

  8. avatar Ken says:

    Hi!  I tried making mobiles before, but I always have a problem with the balance. How do you ensure that it would be balanced, short of making a symmetrical mobile?