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A Pineapple Party for Lucy’s 1st Birthday


A bright, fun and tropical pineapple themed 1st birthday party - even if it was a few days before Christmas!

Design Inspiration

I was born and lived in Hawaii as a child and Hawaii and pineapples have always had a very special place in my heart.  Everything is pineapples around here! Even though Lucy was born a few days before Christmas, I knew before she was born that we'd have a pineapple or luau themed party for her 1st birthday!  Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality and friendliness - which are traits that I hope Lucy posses as an adult.  We look forward to taking her there one day and sharing our pineapple obsession with her!

Decorating Style

Bright, colorful, cheerful, modern, Kate Spade-ish.

Project Details

  1. Whole sale tissue paper balls were purchased from Devra Party Corp.  They offer beautiful colors and these shades of pink were SO vibrant and beautiful!
  2. Pineapple tissue paper balls (large and small), pink metallic 'LUCY IS ONE' letter balloons and straws were purchased from Zurchers.
  3. Flamingos and pineapple cups were purchased from Oriental Trading Co.
  4. Heavy-duty 5lb Command Hooks held everything up.  I truly couldn't have done anything without them!  They held everything up easily and came off cleanly without damaging my walls.
  5. The borders were made with long sections of chicken wire and everything was attached with pipe-cleaners. I hung these after I attached everything with Command Hooks.
  6. Tropical leaves were purchased from Hobby Lobby, 50% off, of course!  I needed more than I initially thought - I went back 3 times to buy more.
  7. Yellow and white striped background is 7yds of fabric purchased from Hobby Lobby.  I hung with plain old masking tape, which surprisingly held up very well. Tip - buy delicate surface masking tape so that your paint doesn't chip off when taking down.
  8. Cute pink cake stands purchased from Hobby Lobby.
  9. Pineapple cupcake toppers, cake topper, birthday banner, pineapple cup tags were made myself using my Cricut Machine.
  10. Lucy's pineapple 'one' top was purchased from BellesandBeausInc Etsy Shop.
  11. My mother baked the yummy pineapple-flavored cupcakes with gold pineapple toppers.  The pink flamingo cupcakes were an idea from Pinterest and were chocolate chip flavored.  The eyes were chocolate chips and white candy chips that you can buy from the baking section at any craft store and the noses were chocolate covered candy corns (which can easily be found during the off-season at Cracker Barrel).  Tutorial for these.
  12. Pineapple drink dispenser is from Pier One Imports, which we filled with a pineapple flavored adult beverage.
  13. We served food inspired by Hawaii - shredded pork sliders, pineapple cupcakes and of course, pineapple on the fruit platter, among lots of other party type foods.
  14. Tasty pork slider recipe
  15. Invitations were purchased from Sunday Designs Etsy shop, which we texted to our guests instead of mailing.
  16. Photography is a hobby of mine, so I photographed all details myself.

Favorite Items

The tissue pineapples and Lucy's pineapple 'one' top were my absolutely favorite items!


This party took months of planning and was truly a DIY event.  I was only able to work on projects after Lucy went to sleep for the night.  Setup took 3 days and I am very grateful for family that helped with all the food the day-of!  Most supplies were ordered online to save time.

I would definitely recommend the Command Hooks, but carefully read the instructions, buy the name brand and be sure to get the right size hooks!

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  1. avatar Paola says:

    What did you use for the backdrop where the high chair is?

  2. avatar Casandra says:

    Do you have pictures of How you did it I’m trying to do exactly how this pic is on a backdrop frame

  3. avatar Joelle says:

    I made a similar thing for my daughters bday and I used pipe cleaners to attach the balls to the chicken wire.

  4. avatar Casandra says:

    Hi I’m trying to put together the honeycomb tissue balls and pineapples exactly like you did but I can’t figure out how you put them together let me know how you did it

  5. avatar Casandra says:

    Hi I’m trying to put together the honeycomb tissue balls and pineapples exactly like you did but I can’t figure out how you put them together let me know how you did it

  6. avatar Lena says:

    Hi Kate! I have light and dark pink tissue paper balls!!!

  7. avatar Joelle says:

    Hi Kate.
    I have about 15 pineapple cups left and 6 flamingos that look like this
    You can email me at if you’re interested. Thanks!

  8. avatar Kate says:


    I would love to use this theme for my daughters first birthday in May. If anyone still has left over decorations that I can purchase please let me know.

    Thank you!

  9. avatar Macie says:

    Joelle I emailed you:)

  10. avatar Lena Karalis says:

    I too have leaves, and the pink balls left. Contact me for photos

  11. avatar Joelle says:

    Macie, I threw a similar party too and have a bunch of supplies left over. You can email me if you’re interested. I can send pics too.

  12. avatar Macie says:

    Paige I don’t know if you still have your stuff but I emailed you

  13. avatar Paige says:

    I did a similar party and have a ton of supplies left over. If anyone is interested in buying, please email me at

    You can see the party I threw here,

  14. avatar Alyson says:

    Hi Jenna,
    I was wondering where you got the gold “Happy Birthday Lucy” banner from?

    Thank you!

  15. avatar Jessica Nava says:

    Hi Jenna! Where did you get the shiny green leaves? I noticed the shine on them and just wondering if you found them somewhere or made them yourself.
    Thank you!

  16. Paige Sloan says:

    Please do! Here’s my email…

    I ordered 14 and 8 inches.

  17. avatar Lena says:


    I just did the same wall but mine turned a bit different I did 12 and 8 balls mine looked different I can show you a picture

  18. avatar Paige says:

    Hi Jenna,
    Can you tell me what size paper balls you used? Were the big ones 12 in or 14 inch? I love your decorations!

  19. avatar Joelle says:

    I don’t think I can post it in the comments. If you PM me I can send you one.

  20. avatar LENa says:


    I don’t love in California unfortunately– but do you mind posting a photo or emailing one of your backdrop?

  21. avatar Joelle says:

    Hi Iena,
    I have a 12 foot banner that looks very similar to Jenna’s (I used hers as my inspiration). It is in amazing condition and I’d be happy to sell it to you if you can pick up.

  22. avatar lena says:

    Hi Jenna,

    I had a couple of questions. For starters, did you sell any or all of your backdrop? If not I would be interested… If yes.. can you answer some of the following questions, please.

    What sizes are your honeycomb pink balls? I found the pinneapples at the dollar store, so excited… now I need to find the rest!!
    What are the leaves called? Do you know how much they were?

  23. avatar Joelle says:

    Thanks for the inspo! I made a 12 foot “banner” for my daughter’s 1st birthday and it made for a bright and cheery party despite the rain. If anyone in Los Angeles is interested in buying it, I’d be happy to sell it. It was made with a lot of love. :)

  24. avatar victoria says:

    hello! I have some questions could you share the details about how you made the banner? im making one with palms, fake flowers and honeycombs but instead of putting it up on the wall im having it put on a diy photo back drop im making but im trying to figure out how to go about making the actual banner/shape etc. thanks!

  25. avatar Kristina says:

    Hi! Love the decorations! Where did you get the pineapple cups with the pink straws? Did you use them as favors? Thank you!

  26. avatar Sabrina says:

    Hi Jenna, Lucy is adorable and I love what you did for her 1st birthday! Hope she enjoyed her party as much as anyone that cute could. If you have any leftover decorations you still want to sell, I’d be interested as well. Please let me know. Thanks in advance!

  27. avatar Florence says:

    Hi Jenna,

    Not sure if all your party supplies have been purchased already. Do you have any left? Just came across your wonderful party. Not sure how else to contact you. Thanks so much!


  28. avatar Jenna says:

    Hi Kelsey,

    Yes, of course! I apologize, I haven’t looked at comments on the post in like 6 months so I responded to the most recent comment. Feel free to text me!

    Jenna ?

  29. avatar Kelsey says:

    Hello Jenna,

    I had asked back in May from you still have decor. Can I contact you as well??

  30. avatar Kate says:

    Absolutely amazing party!
    Can I ask where you get the pink party curtain behind the high chair?

  31. avatar MaryAnn says:

    Do you have any of your decorations left that you are interested in selling? I’m planning my little girl’s first birthday and we are doing a pineapple and flamingo party and your decor is just amazing! I very much appreciate all your input and advice above in the post! If you are looking to get rid of anything, I’m very interested!

  32. avatar Kelsey says:

    Are you looking to sell any of your items? Very interested :)

  33. avatar Shelly says:

    Amazing!!! Love all the details in that boarder! I will be throwing a party like this for my momma this summer and will use this as inspiration ? can ask where you purchased your light fixture :) I know that’s random but I’m picky and that looks perfect. Thanks in advance!

  34. avatar Jennifer says:

    Gorgeous party! Can you tell me the colors, sizes, and how many tissue paper balls you bought? Thanks! Jennifer

  35. avatar Aimee says:

    Oh my goodness! My little girl is Lucy too! She turns one next month and I’m planning her party. I LOVE this!! You did an awesome job with the decorations! I’m so looking forward to my Lucy’s party. Such fun ideas.

  36. avatar Kawai says:

    Love these decorations! What size are the tissue paper balls?

  37. avatar Stefanie says:

    I love your party decorations! Can you please tell me where you purchased the “Lucy is One” balloons?
    Thank you,

  38. avatar Nicole Bulilan says:

    Thank you so much for answering Jenna. My email is

    Thank you, Nicky

  39. avatar Jenna426 says:

    Hi Nicole!

    Yes, I am looking to sell it all. Can you send me your email or contact information and I’ll send you more information?


  40. avatar Nicole Bulilan says:

    Hey Jenna it’s me again, I was trying to figure out if I can send you a private message but unfortunate not!
    Anyways if you got to read this please contact me! I really love the decoration and would like to ask you some more questions about it.

  41. avatar Nicole Bulilan says:

    Hi Jenna, omg I’m so in love with your decoration!
    I’m from Houston too! My daughters birthday is coming and this is exactly what I was looking for.

    How much did you spend on just the wall decorations? If you don’t mind me asking.
    And also if you not in need of all your decorations would you sell them?

    I would be so happy to hear from you!
    Have a wonderful day!

  42. avatar Chantal says:

    At least it was mostly diy. I can only imagine how much more it would be if it was done through a party/event planner. Great job. Really love it!!!

  43. avatar Jenna426 says:

    Hi Chantal…thank you! I would say roughly $1k. ? There were many details that weren’t photographed. This includes absolutely everything and food for 35 people. Costs that caught me off guard were helium for the 40+ balloons and the cost of the command hooks. Gesh!

  44. avatar Chantal says:

    Such a beautiful party. If you could add up the decorations what would the total amount come out to?