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Peyton’s Nursery


We took an office in our house and converted it into a nursery for our first child, a little girl, who is due on July 30, 2011. With a focus on pink and gold, this big girl loves her little girl's room! :)

Design Inspiration

Once we found out we were having a girl, we wanted to incorporate pink but not have too much.  So, we opted for a metallic gold as the majority of the wall color with one accent wall being done in a metallic pink, the metallic gold, and white.  

Decorating Style

We're such a mess of ideas and designs - there isn't just one concept or style we went with.  

Project Details

Well, I have a hand-painted aisle runner business, so I took that to the next level when decorating the nursery and opted to hand-paint a banner and parasol.  They can be found at  I also love the lamp that I designed from  I designed the shade, chose the base, and then blinged it out.  I also love the blanket draped on the glider because it was made by a good friend and is just adorable.

Favorite Items

I'm such a fan of the parasols I make, so I'd have to say the Peyton pink parasol is my favorite.  But, it was awful hard to hang!  :)  I also love the striped accent wall my husband and I did.


The accent wall behind the crib really wasn't difficult to do at all.  We first painted the wall white and then taped it off in sections.  We didn't measure since we wanted it to look random.  Then I wrote on the tape the color that was supposed to be to the left of the tape (and I drew an arrow since I'm so visual) and painted.  Since we painted the wall white under the tape, when we removed the tape, we already had the white lines and now the pink and gold as well.  It only took a bit of touching up with a small brush and the wall was done.


Monday 27th of June 2011

VERY sweet. I love the stripes and your color choices. Great job!


Friday 24th of June 2011

Nice and girly. I adore the pink parasol, too! And I had to check the Lamp-In-A-Box link because I am looking for lamp for my little one's room. And hey, I think your photos got some sort of glare from the metallic colors you used.