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Peter Rabbit 1st Birthday


We celebrated Madelyn's 1st Birthday with a Peter Rabbit theme

Design Inspiration

The classic Beatrix Potter books

Decorating Style

Country Cottage Style

Project Details

I wanted to enjoy the party so I tried to keep things as simple as possible. There is nothing worse than being exhausted before the party even starts. We made simple BLT sandwiches, served veggies & dip, fresh berries and veggie potato chips.  We did all the bacon in the oven to speed it up and my friends all brought their toasters to help toast in the morning. The food prep flew by!


  • The chips were served in individual favor bags that I cut in half and then trimmed to look like grass.
  • I made a cupcake tower out of terra-cotta pots from Home depot.
  • We served beverages out of a wheel barrow filled with ice.

The berries and veggies were a huge hit with kids.

We didn't play any games since the kids were all young- instead we had a pool filled with balls and a tunnel which kept them all busy and happy.


The favor bags were filled with Peter Rabbit organics smoothies, bunny ears, crayons and Peter Rabbit coloring books.


I've learned when it comes to food at parties, less is more. Simpler is better.

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  1. avatar Georgia Holley says:

    Where did you get the plates, the “this way” sign and the cake topper!? <3

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  4. avatar Chrissy says:

    Where did you find the cake topper?!

  5. avatar Guest says:

    Oh good heavens, this is precious! I am a Peter Rabbit fan (I even have a collection of Peter Rabbit Easter Baskets in my Etsy shop) and it was wonderful to see how you did a whole party theme – those grass bags and carrot cutlery are the cutest! Thanks so much for sharing. Happy Birthday Madelyn Kay!


  6. avatar Kathryn says:

    So sweet! I have to say that I am just not typically much for themes and in this day of pinterest, I have grown really tired of seeing the same “creative” ideas used over and over, but I truly love the details in your party. Maybe it is due in part to the nostalgia of Peter Rabbit but it all seemed so clever, yet simple. Loved the carrot utensils, the grass chip bags and your favor ideas as well. This theme also really lends itself to healthful snacks for both kids and mommas! Perfect! It even seemed totally appropriate for the style of your home, from what we can see.

    I will have to remember the ball pit idea… Even just for play dates. Filling up an inflatable pool we already have would be so ideal, and it photographs so well! Where did you find the balls? Packages I have found in the past have been pretty small, but expensive, so I am yet to purchase them.

    Great job, momma!

  7. avatar Mylene says:

    I love your place. And I love your theme! My favorite elements are those green utensils wrapped in orange napkins to make them look like carrots, the cake, and those picket fence cupcake cups!

  8. so gorgeous, great work!!