Percy’s Nursery

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Percy's parents wanted us to design a fun quirky little boys bedroom. They wanted the room to grow with Percy and move away from the baby's room. They love colour and so do we, so we added wallpaper and hand painted a window mural which i think adds a personal touch. Overall they were very happy with the room and so were we. Hopefully Percy enjoys the room as much as we have styling it for him :)

Design Inspiration

Our inspiration was Percy! He is a chubby, fun loving, smiley kid and we didn't want to dissapoint him or his parents! We wanted him to constently be stimulated and as he grows up he continues to love his room for years to come.

Decorating Style

We love vintage, eclectic and lots of bright colour!

Project Details

You can paint your own wall murals if you are feeling game but if not contact us on [email protected] and we can deliver worldwide. Kids room's are our specialty!

Favorite Items

The hot air balloon wallpaper from ferm living.


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    Love everything about this nursery! It’s everything I dreamed our next nursery to be, thanks for the inspiration!

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