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Peeper’s Place


A sweet, neutral nursery created with lots and lots of love for our first baby, "Peeper".

Design Inspiration

I love neutrals. I wanted a neutral, clean, crisp, contemporary but warm space all wrapped up into one big ball of awesome. My inspiration for this entire room was the knowledge that I wanted gray walls, and that precious mobile! I based all my colors from there, using the ones I loved most as pops of color throughout the rest of the room.

Decorating Style

Simple. Everything must have a place and work together! I love mixing mediums and colors and textures so that rooms don't look like they're right out of a matching showcase store room.

Project Details

Everything in this room we either made or bought on sale! We were on a budget (who isn't?), so buying on sale was key. I wanted that rug, and even though we also bought it on sale, it was our splurge--because, well, was it really needed? Logically, no. It wasn't, but I knew it'd be the finishing touch.

The Graco crib with Sealy mattress we purchased as a bundle via with free ship to store. I love this convertible crib. It had the simple lines I was going for and was a great price!

The glider, which is THE most comfortable chair my husband and I have ever sat in, is the Babyletto Madison swivel that we purchased from The chair is usually priced in the $350 range, but this site almost always has it on sale, and we purchased it when it just so happened to be on sale for $269 with free shipping.

The charcoal gray pouf is from Target, originally $50 that we bought on sale for $40.

The dresser is from and happened to be on sale from $165 to $149.

The curtains, Odyssey Insola, are from Bed Bath & Beyond, ordered special online for the length, and I bought each one using a 20% off coupon and got free shipping, because the manager of the local store went to high school with my mom. (It pays to know people!) These curtains are GREAT. They block out so much light, are heat insulating in the winter but cooling in the summer. They're thick, durable curtains. Awesome purchase.

The coffee table we actually had in our living room, score! We ended up purchasing a bigger one for the living room when we moved this one in here. It is a table we'd bought from 5 years ago.

The owl canvas I painted! I knew I wanted to make the artwork for over the dresser, and I wanted the idea to come from me. Owls are a special symbol and the mascot of my husband's family, and it was important to me that we incorporate an owl somewhere in this space. I knew the painting would be the perfect place to do that.

The artwork over the crib I also made. I purchased the frames and mats at Hobby Lobby during a week where they were 50% off, and the prints I just made on my computer and printed on card stock. Choosing what I wanted them to say was easy--they're from the book (Love you Forever) that my mom must have read me 1,000 times when I was little. Special, special book to me.

My husband made the shelves and gutter bookshelves. I'd seen the gutter bookshelves on Pinterest and they'd looked SO easy! $40 later, we had our material, and an hour later they were up and installed! Just as easy as it looked in the pictures, and we love them. My husband built the shelves on the other side of the room as well. It's a perfect little storage area for toys and animals. Here's a tip for built-in shelves for walls that aren't perfectly straight-- to fill the gap between the shelves and the wall, use Dap caulk. Husband had this idea when the shelves didn't fit completely square to the alcove, and they look absolutely perfect now.

The toy chest in the alcove is mine from when I was a child, and husband and I simply refinished it. It was scratched and beat up from my brother and I using it as our "boat" growing up, but now it looks brand new!

The mobile is from Etsy, and my mom bought it for us. It's so hard for me to pick a favorite thing in this room, but I most definitely love this mobile. It served as most of my inspiration for the whole room.

The little porthole window had stressed me out from the very beginning. What do you do with a window like that? I could have ordered custom round shutters for them, but that would have cost a fortune. I could have made some short curtains to cover it, but I didn't like the way that looked in my head. Think, Savannah, think! I came up with the idea to purchase rectangle shutters just bigger than the porthole, thinking they could "frame" the window but also be able to close and block out that early morning light. And guess what, it WORKED! They look exactly how I pictured in my head. We ordered them from Lowe's (they have all different sizes), for $56 with free ship to store.

The paint color in the room is Valspar Polished Silver, and it's exactly what I wanted. We had a scare at first-- it goes on a little blue, but after letting it properly dry for 48 hours, it's the beautiful, warm gray seen in the photos. I couldn't be more pleased.

Now--the rug! I had actually originally wanted a different rug that cost $322.00 (yikes!) I knew the rug would be our splurge, so I was prepared to pay that much. Once I placed the order for the original rug, I found out it was back ordered not one, not two, but five months. Err- no thank you. Thus started my search for a new rug. I went to and fell in love with the rug you currently see in the space. It just so happened to be on sale the night I came upon it with an additional sale on top because it was Father's Day weekend. Originally priced the same as the first rug I wanted ($322), I purchased it for $231 with free shipping. No back order either, it was at my house in less than 2 weeks!

Favorite Items

I have so many favorites!! If I absolutely had to choose, my favorite item would be the glider, and here's why. I love sitting in this room in the mornings, dreaming about Peeper and what he/she will look like, dreaming about the quickly approaching day we get to place our baby in the crib, thinking about the future tummy times and laughs and fun that will be had in this special room. I love all the touches we've placed in the room, so the glider is my favorite, because it allows me to sit and just take it all in. And that's a really good feeling.


Online shopping tends to give you the best deals. Shop around, shop around, shop around, and then when you find what you want, wait. Wait for it to go on sale! Check back every few days or once a week and purchase the item when you think you're getting a really good deal. Patience is key! And if you see something in a store that you think you like, take it home. Don't be afraid to purchase something you're iffy on--returning is easy, and you don't always know how something will look until you see it in the space.


Thursday 9th of January 2014

Love everything! What is the paint color?


Wednesday 2nd of July 2014

Valspar Polished Silver :)


Saturday 31st of August 2013

Where did you get the chevron throw? Super cute nursery!


Wednesday 2nd of July 2014

The Chevron throw is from Tuesday Morning!


Saturday 24th of August 2013

Love everything about this room, you did an amazing job! 5 star job for sure!


Saturday 24th of August 2013

Love this gender-neutral room! It's not drab or boring. Lots of colors that contrast nicely and I don't feel that the room is so themed that you are trapped by what will fit the theme.