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Park’s Place Baby Boy Nursery


I'm so excited to share my nursery with you! For my first baby boy I designed an all white nursery. I loved everything about it, but knew I wanted my second son to have his own feel. After a long time (2 years in fact) of trying to decide the direction I wanted to go with it, I finally made a decision and am so happy with the outcome. Since he is older now I didn't want anything too young feeling and hoped to have something that will easily transition as he grows.

I knew I wanted to keep the tone on tone stripe walls, crib, pendant light, and chair from the first room. Everything else is a combination of new and things I already had. I needed a dresser and knew I wanted a mid-century. This one is a Bassett that I happened upon, after months of endless searching. I've always loved putting this little man in black, and after I found the awesome rug, I knew I had a great beginning and exactly where I wanted to go. My 16 year old self would die at the brown and black combo. ;) I knew I needed a little more color. As I debated I turned to my closet and felt denim would add the perfect touch. Since the room is smaller I was thrilled at the idea of a hanging plant, instead of one on the floor. I was real with myself and went faux with my DIY project and I'm so in love with that hanging fern!

There were times when Pinterest got the better of me and I thought I should add this or that, but knew it wasn't true to my style. My advice would be to make sure you stay true to your style, even if something else is trendy. Be patient while searching, try new things, but most of all make sure it's something you love!

This room is a perfect reflection of my son and I. I hope you like it! Thanks for letting me share it with you!