Parkes Nautical Nursery

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I knew from the beginning I wanted a green nautical nursery and I wanted it to be a fun place that Parkes would enjoy for years to come.  This was the end result and I love it!

Design Inspiration

Pottery Barn Kids was my biggest inspiration.

Decorating Style

Definately traditional - but I wanted his room to be fun and a place that he would enjoy even as a toddler.

Project Details

Nautical Map- I found a nautical map (in navy)  at Pottery Barn Kids (mural is 8ft x10ft) but didn't care for the color so my SIL and I painted the map ourselves.  I researched maps of Lake Lanier online and used a projector to assist us with the land and water depth lines.  It took a while to complete but was definately worth it. 

Painting over the crib - My SIL, who is way more talented than I, painted this for me.

Window coverings & bedding - ordered at Polkatotdesigns.  I also got the idea for the drapes from Pottery Barn Kids website; however we made the board ourselves using a 8ft long pre-painted board purchased at home depot and several dowel rods that we cut into 4 inch long pegs.  We drilled 3/4 inch. holes into the board and glued the pegs and spray painted the entire thing off white. Total cost was less than $20.

Decorations- I went to Hobby Lobby and Homegoods weekly and picked up anything nautical that I could find.  After the room was painted, I picked my favorite accessories and returned the rest.

Glider/Recliner - Purchased at buybuybaby. A must have!!

Favorite Items

I love how the curtains turn out.  I will say that they are not practical if you want to open/close them regularly but we leave them shut now so he can sleep in!

I also love the bedding - the bumpers are reversible so I have two pattern options.


Take your time and buy things when you see them even if you don't know if you can use it.  I ended up taking a lot of stuff back but it gave me great options! 

Also- don't compromise!  I knew that I wanted a green room for my little boy and had a very difficult time finding nautical bedding that wasn't navy and red.  So- I scratched the "nautical" bedding and went for the colors I loved and then incorporated the theme via the artwork, mural & accessories.


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    Cute nursery! I really like this color. What do you call this shade of green? Avocado? The world map is really cool, too.

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    Very refreshing. Cool to the eyes. The crib is gorgeous. And Parkes is so adorable on his changing pad.

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    Very cute…I like the green nautical theme as well. I have a picture in my head of what I want and am finding it difficult to find the items that I am picturing. Your pictures are inspiring for me to keep looking for what I want.

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