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Parker’s Nursery


Shabby Chic, Simple, Modern

Design Inspiration

The only inspiration I had was to find something that both Myself and My Husband could agree on. So we picked out the crib 1st, and then we just started buying things that went along with it.

Decorating Style

Simple but Chic, I like all different types of styles.

Project Details

The only project we did ourselves was the pictures above the crib, we used plain canvas's and picked a few colors, stencils. By the way working with stencils are not as easy as it looks.

Favorite Items

My favorite item is the Crib. I love the drawer on the bottom for extra strorage for blankets, crib sheets and baby towels.


Pick one item that you truely love and start with that. Everything else will fall into place

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  1. avatar montemar says:

    I love the crib.  Is it black with white?  Please tell me where you got it!!

  2. avatar BuenaMano says:

    Hi MRNoveck0012: LOL, I can understand just how much of a pain husbands can be, but it’s sweet that he took time out to help you out with the nursery.  The stencils may be a pain, but it really came out wonderful!

  3. avatar says:

    @ butterscotch, Thank you for the lovely comment. My husband and I wanted something calming and elegant. Considering we bought a lot of the stuff way before we knew the gender of our unborn child…which we now know is a Girl.  Thank you again.

  4. avatar says:

    @ BuenaMano, Thank you for your comment. The stencil was kinda of a pain, b/c I was trying to make all the edges perfect and My Husband started telling me that art is not perfect, thats what makes it art.  The “P” was my Husband’s idea. He actually helped a lot with the Nursery. He like to be very involed, which can be good and bad at the same time…LOL! Thank you again.

  5. avatar BuenaMano says:

    I love the stencils with the “P”. And the “All because two people fell in love” adds a bit of romance and humor into it all!

  6. avatar butterscotch says:

    This room is simple yet classy and elegant. You chose colors that are not too baby-ish. Love how the stencils turned out.

  7. avatar says:

    Thank you, We wanted to do something a little different for our little girl besides Pink.  Although, at times Pink themes would have been easizer to do.  I got into the greys b/c there are soft and comfy, and gender neutral.

  8. avatar Melisa says:

    Thank you for reposting this beautiful nursery. I am so sorry you were victim to our glitch. I just adore your choice of colors.