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Paper Lanterns & Light Mobile


paper lanterns and a white orb light arranged as a mobile above the crib

Design Inspiration

I was inspired by the paper lantern decorations I have seen on this website.

Decorating Style

I love clean crisp lines, calming neutral colors, and modern elements.

Project Details

I bought the paper lantern stars at Earthbound Trading Co. in our local mall for about $7 a piece. The circle ones are from Party City and the Martha Stewart white ones are from Michaels craft store.  Some were bought individually, others as a set. They are extremely easy to assembly, and even easier to hang. I used fishing line and thumbtacks.  The globe light was bought at a garage sale for $5, I simply rewired it with a longer cord and switch.

Favorite Items

The globe light really brings the whole mobile together, I love turning the lights off at night and looking at it!


Stay with a few basic colors that are used in the nursery and add a couple different shapes for variety. You can either buy light kits for each lantern, or add a hanging soft light as I have done.

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  1. avatar missStephanie4 says:

    this looks lovely, good job! :D I gave you 5 stars!

  2. avatar AngelsBreath says:

    What you did with the lanterns looks really interesting. I just hope you posted more photos so we could see the rest of the room, and see if everything goes well together. I am also curious about how these lanterns look during the daytime.