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Paper Airplane Party


I created a minimalist paper airplane inspired birthday party for my 4 year old son. The kids made ice cream sundaes and wore hand made aprons.

Design Inspiration

My son loves all things transportation so when I saw a picture of a paper airplane I ran with the idea.  Most of his friends are girls so I had to find a neutral balance.

Decorating Style

Modern minimalist.

Project Details

I folded tiny paper airplanes and used a needle and fishing wire to string them together.  I used double sided tape to keep them from slipping down the wire.  Because the kids were making ice cream sundaes, I made each child an apron for their party favor.   I also embellished plain white napkins with ric rack and pom poms.

Favorite Items

I loved the cake and the garland. 


Start early and try to complete one project every day.

Darby Collova

Saturday 26th of November 2011

I think in regards to the Roslin operia house vision that Helo and Athena will die as well as Roslin. Caprica six and Baltar will get back together and raise Hera as there own. They see the final five on the balcony above them because they are giving them there blessing as they are a Cylon and Human. This is what Ellen was talking about when she said that the only way to stop the violence between the two races was for them to be together. Hera will still have parents from both. I think this also relates to head six saying thats Hera is her and Baltars child. That might also be why the doors close on Anthena and Roslin. They will not get to see the next stage. I'm probably wrong but thats all I can think that it can mean.


Thursday 17th of March 2011

Charlie is soooo adorable in these shots.  I love love love those paper airplanes that you made into a bunting.  The utter simplicity of this party is amazing, and look at what fun they had!


Monday 21st of February 2011

I LOVE the napkins! Your house looks so interesting-almost like a tree house!