Pancakes & Pajamas Birthday Party

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Alana's mom contacted Libby Lane Press to customize the ever popular Pancakes & Pajamas Collection to incorporate more girly, whimsical colors.  From this description a new Pancakes & Pajamas color palette of lavender, pink, and turquoise was born.

Design Inspiration

The inspiration for this party came from a ruffled shower curtain that doubled as a dessert table backdrop.

Decorating Style

The decorating style for this event can be described as whimsical, girly and playful.

Project Details

Printable Paper Designs: Libby Lane Press

Party Favors: Oriental Trading, Walmart

Party Styling & Food: Alana’s mom


This party was filled with DIY tips from reusing Frappuccino bottles to incorporating toy storage cubes as chairs at the long breakfast table, which was staged to look like a bed.  The children rotated through various hand-on activities like Fruit Loop necklaces, Decorate your princess, Door knob hanger design, Pigtails and Pajamas and Curious George read-aloud.

Favorite Items

My favorite item of this party was all of the unique crafts and activities that were taking place throughout the party. The little girls loved having their hair put into pigtails, creating edible necklaces and having so many fun creations to take home as a reminder of a fun-filled morning with friends.


Be sure to look around your house and the playroom before going shopping for items to make your party stand out in a crowd. You will be surprised at what a little creativity can do to the birthday party budget.


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    The bacon and eggs are just too cute. Seeing the photo made me smile. And that dollhouse is simply adorable.

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