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Palmer’s Nursery


We were chosen to be featured on a new tv show documenting the process of buying our new home while showing a before and after. If you didn’t know, we moved all the way from San Diego to Virginia Beach in June. I teamed up with multiple companies for this huge design project which took place in only TWO MONTHS. So long story short, we put our entire house together in only two short months which included the nursery of my absolute DREAMS.

One of the incredible companies I knew I wanted featured in our home immediately was Livette’s wallpaper. Each and every customizable design is absolutely gorgeous! I’m serious when I say the quality of their paper is incredible. It came in the most beautiful packaging and I was instantly surprised at the thickness of the wallpaper.

I had heard horror stories of wallpapering, but it was honestly a breeze because of the stretchable material and the fact that it’s removable. It’s basically like one big sticker which makes the entire process so much easier. The hardest part was lining the tops to our ceilings because the walls somehow come in at an angle! But once my husband and I made it halfway through we were able to finish up the rest really quickly. I was so relieved because we were running out of time and really had no room for mistakes (again, only two months to complete pretty much every room from scratch).

I was stunned at what a difference this simple Beige Brush Stroke design gave to the room and the final result really wouldn’t be the same without it. I love walking into the nursery and immediately feeling a sense of calm. I’m curious to know if you can feel how serene this room is through the images!

Katie S

Monday 20th of December 2021

Thank you both! The crib was from Target, I haven't been able to find the same one though since purchased! But they have other great options.


Thursday 16th of December 2021

This is so beautiful. Where is the crib from?


Wednesday 3rd of February 2021

Wow! This looks great! Love the wallpaper! Wallpaper is making a comeback!! And yes, the serene feeling comes through as well as a minimal look and a breath of fresh air!