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Paisley & Adelyn’s Paradise


This nursery was truly a labor of love for our girls that we worked so hard to conceive.  We may have been on a serious budget... but I wouldn't have it any other way. All items are sentimental and meaningful, or pieces we poured our hearts into fixing up. We loved every minute of this journey. Total cost for EVERYTHING (all furniture, supplies, and decor!) totals out at $393.

Design Inspiration

I'm a design-as-I-go kinda girl, but the inspiration for this nursery was loosely based on a quilted pillow my grandma made for me when I was a little girl. I'm extremely sentimental and love all things vintage and meaningful!

Decorating Style

I love beautiful old items with tons of character... all the way to unique modern items! I love a room to feel eclectic with lots of textures, colors and visual interest. I'm not afraid of color, but don't like things to be TOO obnoxious.

Project Details

Knowing that we had twins on the way, we knew we would need to fix up the nursery on a serious budget! This was the perfect challenge for us! We started by painting the walls a bold mustard yellow. Then we stumbled upon cheerful turquoise/white fabric that we got on sale for the curtains! The crib we scored on craigslist for cheap, and was cleaned up and got a glossy coat of black paint! And the crib skirt and bumper pad were designed and sewn by yours truly! I loved the mustard fabric with the paisley eyelet fabric. We also scored the crushed velvet black Lazy Boy recliner on craigslist for $40! (it pays to be patient and wait for the right deal!), cleaned it up and painted it black. The changing table was an ancient rotting cabinet we pulled out of my Grandfathers barn, and rebuilt/reinforced/repainted to be basically awesome! All shelves were built by my husband, including the fab floating shelves! We used pink as an accent color to make the room feel feminine and beautiful! We fashioned it to be not-too-cutesy so it could grow with them. Yet we designed the color scheme to easily be converted to accommodate a possible future baby boy by simply losing the pink accessories and replacing them with navy or charcoal gray. Source list: {Wall Paint - $23 - Better Homes and Gardens Paint: 'Tan Almond'} {Jenny Lind Crib and mattress - $40 - craigslist, paint for crib - $11 - Krylon glossy black} {Fabric for bumper pad and crib skirt - $60 - Joann Fabric (on sale) ~foam bumper pads - $26 -} {Fabric for curtains - $42 - or HERE, Curtain rods and hardware - $43 - Walmart} {Reclining Lazy Boy Rocking Chair - $25 - craigslist} {Tissue Paper Mobile supplies - $10 (see post for full tutorial)} {Changing Table - FREE (out of my grandpa's barn) ~wood to rebuild/reinforce rotting changing table - $40 - Menards ~paint - already had} {Long Shelf: ~wrought iron shelf brackets - $18 - Hobby Lobby (on sale!) ~ shelf wood - $7 - Menards} {Wall Decor: ~ homemade quilt - FREE - Grandma ~ paint chip bunting - FREE supplies! ~ doily garland - $2 - garage sale doilys and twine} {floating shelves/book rack - $10 - designed and built by husband!} {Patchwork Stuffed Animals -homemade by mom - can be purchased HERE} {Chandelier - $15 - craigslist ~ paint - $4 - Krylon: ballet slipper} {Closet: ~ white wall paint - already had ~ rope lighting - $11 - Walmart ~ plastic crates - $6 - Dollar Tree}        Grand total for furnishing, supplies and accessorizing:  $393

Favorite Items

My favorite item is a canvas painting my mother did for the girls. It's two flowers, and below it says "Hand Picked." This item means a lot, not only because their grandma painted it for them, but also because we feel that they were truly hand-picked... after battling and conquering infertility. Here's a link to the post showing this piece of artwork! And here's a link to our infertility story.


Choose items and colors that you really love. Sometimes the most unconventional color combinations are the most beautiful together. Plus you don't want to have the same nursery as everybody else! Break away from gray and yellow! And use items that have significance. You'll love the room so much more.

Bethany S

Thursday 29th of September 2011

Yep! Our twins are sharing a crib until further notice. They sleep best together!


Thursday 29th of September 2011

This is a room for twins? Is there only one crib?

Love the color of the walls with the damask drapes. Nice combo! Pretty room!


Thursday 29th of September 2011

I love this and based on your purchase details, you really did this on a budget!


Wednesday 28th of September 2011

Very cute! I love the yellow and blue mix!

Bethany S

Wednesday 28th of September 2011

Oops, my email is ...hehe