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Vibrant Jungle Gym Playroom

This basement playroom project started off with a completely blank canvas; the ask was to create a cozy, comfortable, colourful & functional space for a very busy toddler! I wanted this playroom to feel bold and adventurous yet soft enough to work with the rest of the home. So we opted for a wonderful muted jungle wallpaper and an oversized muted geometric area rug to ground the space. These elements inspired a blue, green and yellow colour palette which we layered with interesting shapes, patterns and textures for an elevated feel.
Playrooms always need a solid organizational systems, one that’s easy to stick to! So we made sure to integrate both open and closed storage for this family — the closed cabinetry is perfect for art supplies, puzzles and toy collections divided into clear bins, while the open shelf encourages autonomous play with easy-to-access toys on rotation. Creating designated purposeful areas is probably the single most important aspect of any playroom design.
My clients already had a great dining table, so we used it to create an arts & crafts zone with beautiful soft green chairs. These are my favourite ones to use in kid’s spaces because they are wipeable, have a closed back and are light enough for kids to move around themselves.
To promote imaginative play we added a fun kid’s play couch, a canvas playhouse with the sweetest little windows and a wooden climber. A low coffee table is the perfect spot to play with building blocks, puzzles and trucks! Fun decorative touches bring so much personality to the room, like knotted floor cushions, pom pom bins, a flag bunting and wool wall hangings. The end result is a colourful fun-filled playroom with endless layers of fun to explore!
Photography: Heidi Lau

Big Kid Room to Sleep & Play

My 5.5 year old son requested black walls, superheroes, and toys in his room. His favorite superhero is Ghost Rider and it took awhile to find art that featured him, but wasn’t too scary. I used his favorite colors throughout the room: black, blue, gray, and red. To maximize toy storage & play space I installed a closet system that accommodates all of his clothes & costumes as well as puzzles & boardgames.
The room came together with pieces from all over the place- some we’ve had for years. Bed/ headboard (Wayfair), chair & fan (Home Depot), art & blue pillow (Etsy), rug & red pillow (Home Goods), black bookcase & blue floor bin (Crate & Barrel), blue striped sheets (Walmart/ Gap), white duvet, white sconces, globe light, gray felt bins, nightstand, closet system (IKEA), curtains (West Elm), black sconce & air purifier (Target), smart piggy bank, door hook & black furniture legs (Amazon). 
Although there are a lot of things in his room, there is still room to add more clothes and toys into the existing storage especially since we regularly purge (donate/ sell/ toss) items that no longer suit his needs.

Trucking into THREE

Girls can like Trucks too! Our girl is fiercely trucking into THREE! We had the best day having a small celebration for this birthday GIRL! She is Digging being THREE!

Boho Jungle Themed Playroom

My little one loves animals so much so we decided to start a little family project to create a fun jungle themed playroom for her. Her older brother and sister both helped pick out items and shared their ideas to help make it the prefect fun and inviting playroom for her.

Calming room for a sensory child

Sensory-Friendly Kids Bedroom

This boy has sensory seeking needs. He is very sensitive to lighting and to colors.
I added the wave pattern wallpaper because it is soothing, and he’s able to feel calm when he’s in his room. I also Added storage bins to organize all his toys. The less he sees, the better. The more clutter is in his room, the more anxious he gets. The wall color i used is a light calming color. I also added the teepee so that he could go in there when he feels anxious. Since he has low muscle tone and a weak core, I chose chairs that are curved so that he could feel supported and “hugged”. I added a swing to help him calm down when he feels he’s out of control. All of those elements really contribute to his mood and comfort. They have helped him tremendously!

Blush Sophistication Big Girl Room

Never, EVER, did I think I would paint a room blush pink.  Yet, here we are and…I LOVE it!  Now, let’s get to the back story.
We moved into our beautiful, new (to us) home in March of 2020.  Yes, right at the start of the pandemic.  It was a tough time for our sweet girl, her whole world had been turned upside down in a matter of weeks.  Once we were settled, I knew I wanted to make her room special and something that she would love as she grows up (I’m not crying…).
Her room at the new house has beautiful vaulted ceilings, two bright windows, and ample space to spread out.  She had spent her time distance learning in our dining room this past year, but I was ready to reclaim my space and give her some much needed privacy (cue seven year old attitude).  We were on a pretty tight budget as we are doing other projects around the house.  Thank goodness for Target!  We found the perfect desk, bookcases, and accessories.  Great quality, affordable and so, so cute!
Together, we chose the perfect blush pink, Head Over Heels by Benjamin Moore.  She squealed in delight as I painted all that luscious pinkness on the walls.  I have to be honest, it felt a little pink overload at first.  However, once we put everything back into the room and added those pops of turquoise…wow, I was a little jealous!  I painted the wooden storage bins to match the turquoise in the throw pillow.  They give that perfect pop of color in the book cases while still providing cute storage.
The dollhouse also received a little makeover.  Fresh paint, some new furniture and decor.  It’s a favorite amongst my daughters friends when they come over for a playdate.  And, let’s be honest, me too.
What I love about paint is how it transforms a space for not a lot of money.  It really allows you to be creative and bold.  My daughter and I had a great time creating her new space together and I know it’s something we will love for years to come.

La Bandita Bonita Playroom

A modern Spanish twist on a sweet playroom. This space has seating for seven, storage for tons of toys, an art station with supply storage built-in, and a lot of color!

Perfect Princess Party

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! You are cordially invited to.. a Royal birthday ball! Once upon a time, in a Kingdom not so far away.. our little Princess turned 5! We hope all of her dreams come true!

Gone Bananas Birthday Party

We’ve gone bananas! Lea turned 7 and was so excited to finally be able to have a party with her friends and regain some childhood normalcy. She also just finished in person school which given what’s been going on was huge for the kids. When I asked her what theme she wanted she said ” I just want to go bananas” and so our banana theme was born. I wanted to create a stunning yellow vintage banana concept. With the help of my secret weapon, 3 little birds who burned the midnight oil painting every piece in different shades of yellow, I was able to achieve that.

The stunner’s were definitely the vintage chairs that we hand selected and painted to resemble an ombre shades of yellow. We maintained the ombre concept with the tableware and the desserts. The table stunned everyone. I had never seen such a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The bright yellows were so perfect for this summer frontyard party. Each touch was thought out from the banana placecards done by Anne Jones to the banana stir sticks by Creative Amme. The banana cake and mini donuts were the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. Janice Wong just gets it. She also bring the vision to life with her beautiful and modern looking desserts.

The kids jumped around in a pastel yellow bounce house from Bounce Couture that was ballooned to keep up with the ombre concept by Shana Sharp of Sharp Balloons. Lea had an amazing time and so did her friends. It was so nice to see so much joy in their faces. The kids went home with cookies from Doughy Dogs and custom tote bags.

Fun and Playful Little Boy Room

This was the first room we renovated when we moved into this house. Our son no longer needed a crib, so I knew I wanted to do a room that fit his personality, which is fun and playful! I stuck with the neutral white, but went with bright color accents! I love how it turned out! Follow @bugandotterhome for sources and more inspiration.

Colorful Sunshine Girls Room

I wanted to create something bright and colorful for my daughters room.  I found a mural on Pinterest that inspired me for the rest of the room.  I painted the mural on my daughter’s wall and used the same paint colors in the rest of her room.  I refinished an old bed and found the perfect sunshine yellow dresser at Savers.  My husband created an amazing reading loft for her above her door.  We put a king size mattress up there and it is a hot spot for reading and sleepovers with her friends.  It is hard not to smile when you walk into this room!

Sensory Interior Design

This project was created for a boy who has special needs. He has ADHD and sensory processing disorder. He wasn’t comfortable in his room. He couldn’t sleep well and was waking up at all hours of the night. We painted the room a soothing cream color, and added a diffuser with calming scents. We changed the lighting, changed the bedding, and added sensory accessories to help this boy fulfill his sensory needs. He now loves room and uses it to soothe himself when he needs it. Oh- and he sleeps a full night!

Truck Themed Boys Room with Pattern Fun

Playful patterns for a playful kiddo!
One of my favorite memories growing up is when my parents would redo my bedroom and they’d let me choose whatever theme I wanted. So this time around we involved our little guy with a few choices for his big boy bedroom and I have to say- it was fun getting a little input from a 3 year old. I think we got everything on his list: trucks ✔️ blue ✔️ red ✔️ (what an easy client!😆)
Our 3 year old is very much a bright, colorful, & playful kind of kid, so I wanted his bedroom to reflect that. Some days he prefers pink (he knows it’s mom’s favorite color) & other days he prefers orange (thanks to Blippi) but usually you can catch him saying blue & red are his favorite colors, so we decided to do blue board+batten on an accent wall, along with accents of red here & there. We used this fun Serena + Lily Feathered wallpaper as a backsplash on the accent wall, with some white framed Etsy truck prints to pop against the wallpaper. The Polymath Mom name sign fits perfectly in the room and will grow with him over time.
My goal was for the room to reflect his personality and involve all things he loves so that he truly enjoys being in his own little space. The room has a fun feeling with details of trucks everywhere, along with a book bench reading corner to accommodate his love for reading.
My advice is to involve your child during the design process if you can! Make a space that they’ll love and will accommodate their wants. Happy designing!
Paint Color: SW Revel Blue & SW Pure White

Whimsical Shared Bedroom with Woods and Stars Wallpaper

Designing a shared kid’s room is no easy feat… not only are you creating a space that siblings will literally remember forever, it also requires extra consideration and functionality to suit the needs of two individual sets of interests!
The first step in creating this fun and functional room, was to introduce tons of storage that would work for my mini Clients well into their tweens. We ripped out the room’s old fireplace and installed a full wall of custom cabinetry, with open shelving and drawers along the middle for books, toys, nick nacks and painted masterpieces. We even incorporated hanging space and drawers on either side for each of the kids’ clothes; all behind closed door. I can’t get over how much stuff these built-ins can hold — it’s unreal! I even proposed turning an unused closet into a built-in desk nook, which turned out to be the perfect spot for virtual learning during this years’ pandemic.
We agreed on a fresh blue and pink colour palette and after several rounds of wallpaper sourcing, landed on the whimsical Cole & Son woods and stars wallpaper. The metallic star accents are a thing of beauty and add so much depth to the space. We layered in soft blues and pinks through textiles and a variety of decor pieces; like a robin blue desk chair, pastel toned bunting banner and gorgeous art prints. I really wanted to amp up the texture with items like this stunning Leanne Ford geometric wool rug and 100% Flax linen bedding from Dreams Jumper. I just adore how the colours and patterns work together in a very relaxed and whimsical way; from stars and moons, to rainbows and flowers… it’s now a wondrous room for two very imaginative kiddos!

Peony Playroom

Fototapeta jest bardzo szybka w montażu. Efekt po jest bardzo zadowalający

Dusty Blush Big Girl Room

My daughter’s room was a labor of love. It all started with the rug, which was in her nursery. I loved the soft tones and the subtle pop of green, which I wouldn’t normally opt-for, but it works really well with all the muted tones and keeps it from looking too babyish. The rug’s color palette is what ultimately inspired the floral wallpaper; the colors are bold, but they play off the colors in the rug beautifully. Other than the crib, the gold bookcase was pretty much the only other item I had for her nursery. I then added the wood beaded chandelier when we moved into this house and that’s how her room stayed for a while.
When I started to look at “big girl beds,” I fell in love with this dusty blush bed. I had debated between a “safer” choice with a white bed, but I’m so happy I ultimately went with this one. It’s a mature shade of pink that can carry her well into her teenage years.
After I decided on the bed, I came across this gorgeous canopy  in champagne and knew I wanted it for her corner to create a dreamy reading nook. It is such a beautiful, high-quality piece, and my daughter’s mouth dropped when she saw it go up; definitely a little girl’s dream.
I then purchased this simple white nightstand and swapped out the knobs with a set from Hobby Lobby and the room was complete. I’m so happy with how this labor of love turned out, and seeing her reaction to it all was truly priceless. Just remember that oftentimes, these projects do take some time, and you should embrace that because in the end you’ll have a room that you truly love.

Project Revive!

I chose this project because this was the most adorable little boy who recently transferred into a big boy bed and didn’t have the proper space!  He also didn’t have a reading nook, despite loving books. I chose green as the main color because it is a soothing bedroom color and promotes calmness and serenity. The rest of the decor is light colored to complement the soothing aspect.
tips: don’t mix too many colors in a bedroom. Less is more. Also, make sure not to over clutter a room with too many items.

rainbow wall decals little girls room

A Vintage Little Girl’s Room with Touches of Modern

The inspiration behind the design of this room is a vintage feminine look with touches of modern!

Many of the pieces in Ella’s room are vintage, but we love mixing in modern and versatile pieces such as this adorable queen bedframe that she will be using for many years to come. These gorgeous blush pink pillows  added lots of texture and were the perfect feminine addition to the room.
The vintage dresser in her room is another favourite piece that was refurbished and given a new life! These whimsical handmade garlands gave this corner of the room the perfect magical touch. They were also used as a decoration piece for Ella’s birthday party.
Ella was also asking for a fun change so we went from polka dot walls to these really cute rainbow wall decals. They’re really the sweetest looking wall decals. With lots of bright fun colours and eucalyptus leaves in the rainbows giving a subtle touch.

landscape entry image

Vintage Floral Big Girl Room

When planning to transition our daughter to a big girl bed, I decided to give her room a refresh. I wanted to create a soft, mostly neutral space with a floral and vintage-inspired elements that she could enjoy for years to come. I began by painting the walls a warm white, and then installed peel and stick botanical wallpaper (custom colors: white and mist) for an accent wall behind the bed. For the bedding, I started with a cozy white duvet and layered feminine pillows and a blush throw. I love affordable toy storage options, so I used a white cube organizer with fabric bins, and dressed it up with a round rattan mirror, brass lamp, and greenery. A blush rug pulls it all together. One of my favorite things about this space is the clean and minimal look! My advice is to keep things simple, focus on elements that you love, and include storage that is both functional and pretty. Find more details on my blog HERE!

Bowen and Beckett’s Adventure Room

My boys are 2 years apart and as soon as my youngest was out of the crib I wanted my boys to share a room! After having toddler beds for a few years, it was time to upgrade to twin beds. I immediately knew I wanted a black metal bed for my boys and a pop of color! That was my starting point. I also wanted to use as much from both of their nurseries as possible because I still loved the woodland/mountain/outdoor theme but wanted to add a NEW color to change it up a bit! I found a vintage washed green quilt from the target pillowfort collection and knew that was the color I wanted to use. My advice would be find the items you really love that make the room unique but don’t feel like you have to buy everything brand new to create an entirely different look! I try to buy decor items that can grow with my kids and can be used for a long time. For an example, when I got their toddler bed comforters I already had in mind that I would use them across the end of a twin bed one day! Take a look at Beckett’s Adventure Nursery and Bowen’s Woodland Nursery to see all of the items I incorporated from their nurseries into their big boy room!