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Owls & Birds Gender Neutral Nursery


My husband and I did not want to find out the gender of our upcoming bundle of joy! I started out with a tree wall decal in yellow and green and went from there! I created the paper mobile hanging above the changing table, and note that we did not paint the room (because we recently moved into an all-beige house and weren't willing to commit to painting all the rooms yet)

Design Inspiration

It all started with the owl & bird tree decal from weeDecor, and from the beginning I knew I wanted to create a paper mobile for the room.

Decorating Style

I fell in love with specific pieces which the rest of the nursery had to fall around. I fell in love with the decal, the crib which I got at a super discount because it was last years model, and the chair which is so comfortable. I didn't let the non matching chair stop me! Ultimately, the it was more important that the chair be comfortable than to match. Allowing some flexibility helped me in the long run.

Project Details

The paper mobile was made from die cut leaves which I purchased pre-cut; fishing line; and small gray beads which separate the leaves. The fishing line was thick enough that after being pulled tight with jewelry pliers, the beads do not slip and required no glue. The dowel rods and ends came from a local craft store. The hardest part was actually getting the mobile balanced, because I focused on randomizing the leaves and lengths of the mobile strands, it took a while to find the right balance.

I had a really great experience with weeDecor. They have great customer service! After receiving a decal that did not stick properly to my walls, they shipped me another in their new decal style which they had switched to and which stuck much better to my walls.  I recycled and used a portion of the old decal on two glass frames and hung it over the crib. When I received my new decal, I again had difficulty because I received one branch not properly cut out! They shipped me a new branch which had some additional birds on it! (meanwhile, I recycled again and carefully cut out the branch that wasn't cut properly and was able to use both!)

Favorite Items

The decal and the paper mobile


I went traditional when it comes to color. I wanted yellow and green for my gender neutral nursery, and did not worry about painting the beige walls. I also re-purposed what I could-- pieces of the decal, most of the components for the mobile, even the dresser is from my husband's childhood which will (eventually) get refinished to match the crib.

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Wednesday 3rd of February 2016

[…] you can get the Swallows Kinetic Wall Art. Bonus: It’s on sale. (Here’s some more about Jameson’s nursery, and the leaves for his mobile are Bazzil from […]


Wednesday 5th of January 2011

Hi Dusky: Thanks for sharing that!  I didn't realize that it was so expensive :)  But still, they do make for lovely mobiles and scrapbooking materials!


Wednesday 5th of January 2011

I agree that comfort should come first before matching.  But I do have a suggestion on how to  make that chair go well with what you've done... a simple quilt or blanket over it that features your theme or design would have done the trick... that, or painting on it!


Friday 31st of December 2010

Great work on this room!  I specifically love the decals that you've framed over the crib...that's a brilliant touch instead of wasting all that :)  It also added a whimsical touch to your nursery.


Thursday 30th of December 2010

Thanks! I got the leaves at; they are made by Bazzill.