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Owl Moon 2nd birthday party


Jory loves both owls & moons so combining 2 of his fave things for his 2nd birthday theme seemed like a great idea.

Design Inspiration

Cute owls and crescent moons. Pinterest was awesome for this!


Decorating Style

Modern, clean graphics & bright colors.

Project Details


I scoured the web for inspiration and of course, a bargain. I bought several things off etsy - I love supporting small businesses. I made almost everything myself and for not a lot of money.  - owl tee for Jory


I saw owl crayons on etsy but wanted to give both owls & moons, so she made me a set:  (recycled crayons, a bonus)


I found the idea for owl lanterns here:  and the owl tree idea: Got my paper lanterns here: I used branches from my backyard & some old aquarium rocks I found in a bag in the basement.


The cake I was determined to make look awesome since baking is my specialty. I loved how it looks. I did chocolate & vanilla layers inside as well as a blue layer. People love colored cake, do a layer next time for a nice surprise when you cut in. Also, I am not a fondant fan so I only used buttercream. I used this idea for owl nest sticks (brown sugar cookies):


I decided to do the chalk owl prints walking up to the door & people loved it.


My #2 cutout I had my husband make - people have commented on it & want to use it for their own. I love using numbers for parties, it's a big impactful visual. He also did the big moon and the night sky backdrop - that used a thrift store sheet and a tie dye kit I got on clearance at Michaels for $3.99. He added silver galaxies to the backdrop too. I bought silver paint, and the cardboard I got for free at work. I love upcycling items or reusing when I can. You definitely can do a special party on a budget.


I made the invites myself and used the leftover paper for the owl lanterns. The birthday banner I bought different fabrics, cut them out in pennant shapes and glued on scrapbooking letters. I used that owl fabric as my inspiration for colors. I plan on making a pillow out of the fabric as a memento from this fun time!


For the candy favors I found molds at my local store & made them 2 weeks in advance. I then wrapped & added my thank you stickers. For the kid favors I took a pic of Jory’s moonlike silly face & cut out in a circle and put it on the bubbles. I sewed quick little fabric bags and put the bubbles, owl stickers, crayons & kazoo in it.


For the food I made little moon cheddar cheese crackers using a 1970s canape cutter of my Mom’s. I  also made a cheese & pineapple hedgehog with owl cutouts on toothpicks. This hedgehog is an English kid’s birthday staple and seeing as my husband in English we had to do it. I also made owl & moon cookies that I frosted in the party colors and little pizza rollups for the kids.


The party was a lot of fun to plan & I enjoyed every second!


Favorite Items

My favorite item was the cake, of course!


Use pinterest, - it's amazing for an idea board, but then make it your own - change colors, change a shape, style, whatever to make it unique.

Search etsy for cute handmade items if you don't have time to make yourself.

Definitely do your internet research for the best price!


Wednesday 25th of April 2012

I really love the spray painted night space backdrop.