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Owen’s Nautical Nursery


Owen's nursery is a sophisticated, gender neutral Nautical Nursery inspired by my father's love of all things lake related! Growing up around water is such a fond memory of mine that I wanted to pass it on to Owen.

Design Inspiration

I grew up on the water. Actually, I was almost born on a houseboat... My mom says that dock looked a mile long! My dad has always been a boater, so when we were born, we joined right in! We were out on the houseboat on the lake almost every weekend growing up. My mom loved hosting parties on the top of the houseboat! We would even anchor the boat in the middle of the lake and spend the night on the water. I have so many great memories around water that I wanted to create a nautical nursery for Owen! My dad even gave us an oar he's had forever, and I made it into a growth chart. It's one DIY project I know will be a family keepsake.

Decorating Style

I love a fresh, clean, airy feel with pops of color. I didn't want Owen's nursery to feel baby, but to have a sophisticated look and feel that he can grow into!

Favorite Items

I have to say my all time favorite piece in Owen's room is the DIY Growth Chart. It is an oar that my father has had for ages, and I painted on the growth chart in a Pottery Barn ruler style. I love it!

I also absolutely LOVE the antique dresser with the mirror! We painted it for a bright, cheery pop of color, and even added nautical deck cleats to match the theme!


Since the nautical theme is a pretty common theme, you can find SO many items all over the place (and for cheap!). Think out of the box for where to get nautical items, not just baby stores. A lot of the items we found we just painted to match our color scheme- so keep an open mind! Paint is a quick, cheap way to make something fit your preferred décor.


Monday 19th of March 2018

Thanks, Caroline! My daughter wants her dad to make some for her son's nursery.

Caroline Fausel

Tuesday 13th of March 2018

Judy- we just keep decorations on the shelves! They're not attached to the wall, and we have no issues! :) thanks!


Tuesday 13th of March 2018

Love the bookshelves! Saw your description of how you made them above. Did you secure the boards to the wall so they wouldn't move? If not, do you have any issues when you add, move or remove items?


Monday 12th of February 2018

Where are the curtains from?


Monday 17th of July 2017

Where did you find the framed piece with the different types of knots? Thank you!