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Out to Sea


This nursery was for a client of mine that wanted a nursery that had a not so baby feel that would grow with her child when they got older. We ended up with the "Out To Sea" theme. I had a lot of fun with the design and especially a lot of fun creating the centerpiece which was the ship sail canopy above the crib.

Design Inspiration

My starting point for this project was the design of the ship sail canopy and the bedding selection.  Everything else just grew out from there.  Those two items set the tone, colors, textures, and detail for the entire project.

Decorating Style

I like rooms to have style but be functional at the same time.  To me, it's not a success unless it's both funcional and stylish.  

Project Details

My favorite shop for this project was Home Goods.  I got a lot of the accessories there at the perfect time.  Did all my shopping in June when all their summer stuff was out and got some great deals.

Ship Sail Canopy - I used a flag pole bracket to attach it to the wall.  The poles are curtain rods.  I connected the two rods with a four four way sprinkler attachment.  The fabric is sail cloth in a natural color.  I used twine to tie up the sail and large rope and eye hooks in the ceiling to attach it to the ceiling.

Wall Shelves - These shelves were originally on Pottery Barn, but discontinued right before I ordered them.  I just purchased shelves, drilled holes in them for the rope, and attached the rope to the wall with eye hooks.  I also used a wall bracket to attach the shelves for more stability.

Beadboard Wall - This is actually a paintable wallpaper.

Porthole Mirror - The mirror was small since the larger ones were so expensive, so I just purchased a ceiling medallion as a back plate for it and painted it blue.  It made the scale of it look better in the room and helped make it pop from the wall.  

Favorite Items

My favorite item by far is the ship sail canopy.  It took awhile to design something that would give the full effect, but I think the end result came out great.  To save money for my client I ended up sewing the canopy myself instead of hiring a seamstress and I was very proud of the way it came out.


Don't go overboard with boats on a "Out To Sea" theme.  That's why I picked the bedding that is plain, but has a sailor type of feel to it.  Try to think of other things that you might find out to see or whatever your theme is.  Maybe it's just a texture or a color.  Whatever it is, don't go overboard.  It just ends up killing the importance of it.


Tuesday 13th of June 2017

can you tell me where you got the compass rose decal. I love its simplicity.

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Sunday 13th of April 2014

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Friday 6th of July 2012

Any other tips to make the sails? Do they go all the way to the floor? I'm gonna try this and any help would be awesome!!

Shanna Lynn Interiors

Monday 9th of May 2011

You can get some pretty awesome looking oars on Pottery Barn, but they're about $100 each.  I found these for a steal on for about $35 each.  They even already have the hardware on them to hang on the wall.


Tuesday 3rd of May 2011

I agree. You ship sail canopy looks amazing. It's really perfect for a little boy! Wait, are those old wooden oars above the door? Where did you get those?