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Our Little Superhero’s 3rd Birthday Party


My husband and boys have always been such Marvel, comic book fans. Superheroes is their thing, specially now that we have our little one. Emilio means so much to us, he is our little warrior. He was born 2 months premature and has come along way. This third Birthday means sooo... much to our family. He is our little Superhero!


Design Inspiration


Decorating Style

Fun, creative, colorful, resourceful and  contemporary.

Favorite Items

I love a game i called pin the diamond on the Superhero. I bought a white poster board at the 99 cent store and drew a picture look alike of my son dressed as a superhero. I drew a diamond shape on his shirt like superman symbol. Then i cut about 10 different diamond shapes, which  i  gave one to each child. The goal was to pin the diamond as close to the diamond on the drawing. All the kids had a blast. I also loved giving the kids a red cape with a yellow diamond where most of them added the letter of their name.


I have to say that having a kids corner with arts and crafts is a success in every party. Set up some small tables where the kids can feel comfortable. An idea as simple as having them draw a picture and then hanging it on a string by using a clothes pin on a wall or a back yard is a great way of making them feel a sense of accomplishment.It's a great, inexpensive  way of hanging your child art.