Our Little Man’s Room

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Before ugly lime green painted over wallpaper Cloud decals from www.walleffect.com.au Specially designed to replicate Andy's room from Toy Story

Design Inspiration

Toy story

Decorating Style

Simple and budget

Project Details

The paint is taubmans skywatch. Lamp was a bargain from Kmart (australia) $5 We de-wallpapered and painted this blue and added the decals :) Bed was off the side of the road free :)

Favorite Items

Decals and lampshade Love the bed spread also


Use your imagination keep it simple wall decals from Wall Effect (find them on facebook) cost $24 (inc postage) for 20 clouds 10cm &20cm mix


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    Sweet!!! What were you guys thinking keeping that lime green paint!  This one is much easier on the eyes!

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    lol it was there when we moved in just took alot of motivation to start the job of pulling off wallpaper soo messy & time consuming

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