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Our Bed Makes Dreams Come True


It’s been a while since our family has moved into our new home. Between changing the kitchen floor and remodeling our living room, daily chores and work, and getting to know the new neighborhood with our kids – I had no time for the project that was dearest to my heart and DIY spirit. The girls were already getting a bit jealous that our son had his room (more or less) ready for a Primary school take-off.

So, finally, I started my project by asking the girls what kind of a room they wished for. We were a chirpy giggling crowd of three girls united by the power of a fairy-tale imagination. I have to admit that their mom was a number one cheerleader on the “Let’s-color-everything-pink” team. I have to admit, too much silicon glue brings out my extreme feminine side. In the end, we toned it down a bit from screaming rainbows and pinks to a calm pink-white room where princesses go to dream.

Once upon a mattress

From the moment we started sketching out our girls’ room, we agreed that the most important centerpieces would be the beds. My girls love to sneak into our big bedroom bed, jump on it and throw pillows. I bargained for my own sleeping spot by offering them a morning sweet snack, if they only slept in their own beds the night before. I know. But it couldn’t be helped. Naturally, a large comfy bed was what we all wanted. Besides, the girls are inseparable, so we firmly decided against two separate beds. This way, there’s one bed less to make in the morning and bedtime stories are much more fun.

A piece of cake

The bed’s neutral wooden frame allowed me to splash some of that bold pink we went crazy over. But, what I didn’t want is anything synthetic, or even worse, toxic in any way. Since I am a huge advocate of clean and organic lifestyle, and worry that my kids grow up in healthy surroundings, I opted for Bubba Blue organic cotton bedding. Their quality cotton comes from environmentally-sound sources and shows no traces of any toxins. The fabric is light, breathable and super-comfy. I decided for a dusty rose bed sheet, carnation pink for the duvet cover and two pillow cases, and another two pillows in a cherry blossom (pink!) variation. The canopy cloth was cinnamon linen to match the mattress. The girls tested everything, and confirmed: this is a bed worthy of princesses.

Staring at the stars

As for the walls, because I wasn’t in the mood for another re-painting project, I decided that a neutral white would be the best backdrop. This way I also had more freedom with other creativity outbursts. For example, I created accent margins on the ceiling by adding a combination of smaller and larger black polka dots. Together with the ceiling’s recessed can lights, it gave out that “staring at the stars” atmosphere.

Crowns and regalia

Their bed is a platform bed with three drawers on each side. I know how cluttered a kids’ room can be, so I asked for extra storage space. I didn’t like the built-in drawer handles, so I DIYed some nice little crown-knobs. I did the same with their drawer dresser which I painted in enamel white, as well as the desk and open shelves. Still, I think the bed takes the spotlight, and looks like a place where dreams do come true.