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Orion’s Bo-Ho Jungle Safari Nursery


The amount of thought, detail, preparation and love that went into creating a nourishing, vibrant, worldly space for our daughter to grow in, was so important to both myself and her daddy. So much has happened to bring us to this very moment.

Her daddy was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. One of the most beautiful places in this world. We met while in Tanzania and the rest of history. From the moment we locked eyes, there was this knowing, this immense knowing that we had been together before, many lifetimes before. I spent years traveling back and forth between the United States and South Africa while we worked on his visa. Every day since he's arrived, truly feels like I'm living a dream, our life, is everything I ever imagined, and oh so much more.

Her room, a little "Bo-ho Safari Animal" theme. Complete with water color prints of jungle animals wearing flower crowns (of course), quilts made with some of the most beautiful African fabrics and love, African prayer flags with Nelson Mandela being right in the center, jungle stuffed animals bigger than your crib alongside so many inspirational books, little sayings and a whole lot of goodness to keep you nestled tight and stylishly dressed.

Across from her crib are prints of some of the neighborhood girls from when we lived on Mafia Island, Tanzania in Africa. It it my greatest intention that they serve as a constant reminder of how incredibly expansive, beautiful and unique this world truly is AND that anything, absolutely anything is possible as long as your heart, mind and body are in full alignment.